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 6.5"H Pooh/Friends In Easter B  6.5"H Pooh/Friends In Easter B
This is a 6.5"H Pooh/Friends In Easter B made of Resin 6.50"H 4.25"W 4.75"D We are proud to offer this as part of our extensive Christmas Collection of unique religious and inspirational themed items that are designed to foster an ...MORE
 $39.38  $35.24 
 8" Teresa-Easter Prayer Figurine  8" Teresa-Easter Prayer Figurine
This is a 8" Teresa-Easter Prayer Figurine made of Resin/Stone Mix . Its dimensions are 8"H 3.5"W 7"L From the Seraphim Classics® Collection, Teresa--Easter Prayer offers an ideal addition to home decor with a perfect reminder of th ...MORE
 $89.37  $71.05 
 Easter Cross  Easter Cross
this is a unique cross for the easter season. ...MORE
 Easter Rosary with Capped Our Father Beads  Easter Rosary with Capped Our Father Beads
A beautiful velveteen hinged gift box with the Ave Maria logo comes with every Ave Maria rosary. Ave Maria Gift Box. ...MORE
 $43.69  $39.10 
 Easter Wall Cross Decorations  Easter Wall Cross Decorations
Pick One or all three with the message of Easter on each of these 6" crosses. ...MORE
 He Is Risen Easter Wall Cross  He Is Risen Easter Wall Cross
Proudly display the good news, He Is Risen, Alleluia! Tis cross serves as a perfect reminder of the Easter and Lenten Season. Resin 8" H ...MORE
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result Pages:  1 

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Advent Traditon Helps Ground the Family
Click to view our full line of Advent Items If you ask any Catholic, they will tell you the season of Advent is a period of penance and preparing their heart for the coming of the Baby Jesus. But although not part of the Holy See’s opinion on Advent, the advent wreath, advent se...MORE

Advent Wreaths in the Celtic Tradition
A Celtic Advent Wreath may be one that uses tradition advent candles or some use dark and light green tapers in place of the purple and pink. The Celtic Advent and the Easter Orthodox Advent or Nativity fast last for 40 days and starts mid November but most Advent wreaths have a maximum of 5 candles...MORE

Baptismal Gifst for Babies
There are many baptismal gifts for babies that are appropriate for both the occasion and the season in which they are needed.  Easter is a time of renewal, and many parents feel that this is the best time to officially bless their babies and introduce them to their church family.&nb...MORE

Celtic Advent Blending of Many Cultures
Celtic Advent in the pre Nicene church, early Christianity that pre-dates the Nicene Creed, the roadmap of what Christians, Catholic and Protestants believe.  was very different than what we celebrate in the modern time. First Celtic Christianity participated and flourished in this period right...MORE

Celtic Advent wreath Two Thousand years later
Anybody who is a consistent church going person will know what is celebrated in the first four weeks of December. It is a very important time in the church, probably tied with the first most important time in church celebrations next to Easter festivities. Advent is a celebrated ...MORE

Children and Advent
When kids grow up in a family that is religious it’s probably a good chance that they attend church weekly and if not weekly then at least regularly around certain holy weeks of upcoming religious holidays. Children’s advent is something all kids who attend church or ...MORE

Confirmation gifts
Sometime between the ages of 11 and 16 a child in the Christian faith has a confirmation, which is a rite of initiation into his or her family church. This happens for infants at the time they are baptized in the Eastern Church and in the Western Church it happens when they are older and ...MORE

Explanation of Advent
Although Christmas is celebrated by just about everyone religious or not the season of advent is celebrated usually only by religious people who celebrate the birth of Christ. Advent is a very important part of Christmas and taken very seriously by the church. The season of adven...MORE

History of the Christmas Gift
Today Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus with lots of traditions added to the day from throughout the centuries and even before Christ. On the first of January, Roman emperors received gifts from their ministers, to celebrate the winter solstice. Some traditions are still welcome an...MORE

How do you become Catholic?
How does a person become Catholic? The short answer is to contact the local Catholic Church in their community and ask to speak with the RCIA director or the Adult Education Dept. They will explain the process and periods. The process can take about a year unless you have some type of issue that wil...MORE

How is Easter Day Selected
To view our full line of Easter items click here As I look at the temperature seeing its 36 degrees in my old NJ neighborhood. I noticed that Easter 2008 is the earliest that I can remember, although I do remember an Easter snowstorm when I was a small child in the 60s. But as I think...MORE

How to Set up Your Christmas Nativity Set
If you want to know how to set up a nativity set in your front yard, you first need to research the nativity story. You should know who the characters are and what their roles were in the story. If you are using the traditional Middle Eastern style you could research the clothing from the era. If...MORE

Irish Advent wreath- A hint of Green
Advent, from the Latin word for ‘coming’, is the four weeks before Christmas. It was started in Germany by Lutherans in the 1600’s, continuing a traditional practice that goes back centuries, of bringing evergreen branches inside the house and lighting candles n...MORE

Jesse Tree Ornaments
A Jesse tree is a usually a leafless branch that is put into a small flower pot and is used to represent Jesus. Used on Both Easter and Christmas the Jesse tree is a much more spiritually type of decoration to use during the weeks before Christmas. Very easy to make or buy, the J...MORE

lawn statues
Religious lawn statues are popular ornamentation for homes and churches, but there are so much more than your everyday decoration.  These often life-size figurines represent the many aspects of faith in their denominations.  Whether you belong to an eastern or western religion, you ...MORE

Lenten Church Decoration ideas
Lent, in the Roman Catholic Church is observed forty days before Easter. It is the time set aside for reflection, self evaluation and often some kind of sacrifice, usually fasting. During these forty days the Lent church decorations are subdued until Good Friday, or Holy Friday i...MORE

Outdoor Statues for Prayer
Nothing brings your garden alive like outdoor statues. Whether it is a religious statue, animal statue or people walking through your back yard, it adds mystery and depth to your trees and flowers. There are mythical animals and gargoyles to peek at you from a nook as well as lar...MORE

Palm Sunday Around the Globe
Palm Sunday is Christian observance which is celebrated around the world, though many Christian denominations. In 1970 the Roman Catholic Church changed the formal name of Palm Sunday to Passion Sunday, from the Second Sunday of the Passion. However it was very confusing because the Second Passi...MORE

Religious Tree Toppers Accent Tradition
Traditionally, the common decoration at the top of the Christmas tree was a star or an angel. These were usually home made and more symbolic than representational. Each of these is a religious tree topper because they are both present in the traditional nativity scene. The star i...MORE

St. Michael - Patron Saint of Police
Michael is the archangel in the Christian, Islamic and Jewish religions. He is the head of God’s army and led the forces of good against Satan and his forces of evil. He is not a saint in the traditional sense, since he is an angel and appears when needed to deliver message...MORE

The history of the crucifix
Crucifixion was a form of execution by hanging a person on a from the sixth century BC to about the fourth century AD by Persians, Jews, Carthaginians, Seleucids, and Romans. The condemned dragged the cross beam to the upright pole while being whipped and was then nailed to it and was attached to...MORE

The Rite of Sending and Election
Today was a big step for any Candidate or Catechumen in the Catholic Church.  This was the day that they are recommended by their parishes to the Bishop or Cardinal of their dioceses.  In the first rite of the day the catechumens are asked to stand before the congregation and let the congr...MORE

The Roots of Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday is the last Sunday of Lent. It is always the start of Holy Week and the last Sunday of Lent. It is one of the events that is mentioned in all four Canonical Gospels. It would seem according to the Gospel of John that just a week prior, Jesus was in Bethany having dinner with Lazarus, Mar...MORE

What is a Pyx
To view our full collection of Pyx click here As the Eucharist Ministers to the sick approach the altar they each have their Pyx to carry the Eucharist to the sick or homebound of the parish. But what is a pyx and why does it have such a funny name. The word Pyx is rooted in Greek...MORE

Who Is Immaculate Heart of Mary
Many Catholic and other religious Christian individuals today may have heard the terms “Immaculate Heart of Mary.” While it is not commonly said in daily conversation or recognized by all Christian or Catholic churches, the terms may be familiar to some. If you are familiar to the man...MORE

Who is St. Joseph
Joseph of the House of David was betrothed to Mary, mother of Jesus. According to Christian tradition he acted as the foster father of Jesus, gave him his name and became the legal father. They believe he knew Jesus was not an ordinary child and undertook God’s work to look after the family...MORE

Why Fast During Lent
The history of the Lenten fast that Catholics observer dates back into the ancient times but was far stricter than it was today. However, there was no set pattern of rule the way there is today. Without a central church the rituals of Lent varied greatly. Some prohibited all animal products, while o...MORE