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 4.5"Fontaninianini St. Joe Home Sales  4.5"Fontaninianini St. Joe Home Sales
This is a 4.5"Fontanini St. Joe Home Sales made of Polymer 20" H Dimensions: 5" scale We are proud to offer this as part of our extensive Fontaninianini Collection of unique religious and inspirational themed items that are designed to ...MORE
 $25.40  $22.74 
 5" Nahome Shepherdess Fig  5" Nahome Shepherdess Fig
This is a 5" Nahome Shepherdess Fig made of Polymer 5" SCALE We are proud to offer this as part of our extensive Fontaninianini Collection of unique religious and inspirational themed items that are designed to foster an environment wher ...MORE
Perfect Gift to enforce spirituality and remind the recipienant of God's Love ...MORE
 $32.24  $28.85 
 6.5" Home & Friends Frame 2a  6.5" Home & Friends Frame 2a
This is a 6.5" Home & Friends Frame 2a made of Resin 6.5"H We are proud to offer this as part of our extensive Christmas Collection of unique religious and inspirational themed items that are designed to foster an environment where fait ...MORE
 $25.40  $22.74 
 God Bless Our Home Angel Wall Plaque  God Bless Our Home Angel Wall Plaque
God Bless Our Home ...MORE
 God Bless Our Home Cross  God Bless Our Home Cross
Perfect Gift to enforce spirituality and remind the recipienant of God's Love ...MORE
 God Bless Our Home Multi Image Framed Print  God Bless Our Home Multi Image Framed Print
Each of our new Multi Image Framed Prints is printed on high quality stock, paired with a complementary matting and then framed in a simple, yet elegant, silver and black frame. Beautiful and practical, each is sure to make an excellent gift that wil ...MORE
 God Bless Our Home Wall Cross  God Bless Our Home Wall Cross
Bliss makes each of their medals in the United States. Their designs are exclusive and many date back decades, making for a quality heirloom jewelry gift. ...MORE
 God Bless Our Home Wall Cross  God Bless Our Home Wall Cross
God Bless Our Home with Faith, Love, and Laughter ...MORE
 $57.86  $46.00 
 God Bless Our Home Wall Cross  God Bless Our Home Wall Cross
 $48.56  $43.46 
 God Bless Our Home Wall Plaque  God Bless Our Home Wall Plaque
God Bless Our Home, a simple prayer displayed on this beautiful wall plaque. A card accompanies it which reads Come Lord Jesus be our guest. My our house by the be blessed." Boxed. -- Ceramic -- 6" H ...MORE
 God Bless Our Home Wall Plaque  God Bless Our Home Wall Plaque
 God Bless Our Home Wind Chime  God Bless Our Home Wind Chime
 $37.38  $33.45 
 God Bless This Home Candle Pot  God Bless This Home Candle Pot
Plaque reads: Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty, through Christ, our Lord. Amen. ...MORE
 $64.75  $51.48 
 God Bless This Irish Home Key Holder Plaque  God Bless This Irish Home Key Holder Plaque
Bliss makes each of their medals in the United States. Their designs are exclusive and many date back decades, making for a quality heirloom jewelry gift. ...MORE
 Home Rules Tapestry with Rod  Home Rules Tapestry with Rod
This is a Home Rules Tapestry with Rod Woven Cotton/Polyester/Metal ...MORE
 Home Sweet Home Message Plaque  Home Sweet Home Message Plaque
Home Sweet Home Message Plaque- Perfect springtime gift to brighten home or garden. Spring colors highligh this Spring Home Decor item. Specially designed by Shelly Rasche, our hanging plaques cheerfully celebrate God. Featuring a decorative metal h ...MORE
 Irish Home Blessing Plaque  Irish Home Blessing Plaque
Bliss makes each of their medals in the United States. Their designs are exclusive and many date back decades, making for a quality heirloom jewelry gift. ...MORE
Perfect Gift to enforce spirituality and remind the recipienant of God's Love ...MORE
 $28.20  $25.24 
 St Joseph Home Seller Display  St Joseph Home Seller Display
The tradition of burying a statue of Saint Joseph finds its roots in the ancient Catholic custom of burying blessed medals in the ground, invoking God's blessing on the area. Today homeowners of all denominations ask for Saint Joseph's help in ...MORE
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 22 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 

Articles meeting search criteria

15 Decade Rosary Gaining in Popularity again
The 15 decade rosary is one of the most recognizable artifacts in Catholicism.  A structure of specifically ordered prayers, this concept is based on the setup of a traditionally rosary and is considered the fullest version of the prayer.  A rosary is set up in the following wa...MORE

About the Eucharistic Prayer
Click here for our full line of First Communion items There are many facets to the Eucharist prayer. But it is truly the heart of the church and something that should be explained to each child receiving their first communion. As we look at the prayer, we first must understand what Eu...MORE

Advent Calendars Rich History
To view our full line of Advent items click here Advent calendars originated in Germany, produced by Gerhard Lang. When he was a little boy, his mother used to attach candies to pieces of cardboard, and each day Gerhard would take one off to find his surprise. His first pri...MORE

Advent Candles and the Advent Wreath Traditions of Christmas
Advent candles are an important part of the Christmas season.  While many people do not necessarily fully understand the unique and mysterious history behind them, Christians fulfill their obligations by lighting these candles during the Christmas season according to traditi...MORE

Advent Candles Light Path to Christmas
Advent candles are an important part of the Christmas season.  While many people do not necessarily fully understand the unique and mysterious history behind them, Christians fulfill their obligations by lighting these candles during the Christmas season according to tradition.  They ar...MORE

Advent Ideas for Children
From the minute autumn cools into winter children naturally anticipate Christmas. Advent begins approximately one month before Christmas and children’s hearts and minds are distracted the whole time. Advent ideas for children are a good way to channel that energy and give them an outlet for...MORE

Advent Wreath
Click to view our full line of Advent Wreaths When it comes to Christmas people put recognizable Christmas decoration and religious symbols up each year. Some decorations are very religious and spiritual and some are just meant to send out a good vibe for the holidays. One ...MORE

Advent Wreath a Circle of Unity
The Advent wreath, otherwise known as the Advent crown, is one of the symbols of the Christian season of Advent, which is a season in the liturgical calendar that takes place four weeks before Christmas.  It is a popular gift among celebrants of the Western church during this time.  As ...MORE

Advent Wreath Decoration Ideas
The Advent Wreath, well known by most Christians,  is a symbol of preparing for the birth of Jesus. It has a circular shape, symbolizing eternal life, and rests on a table or fireplace mantle. Usually there are three purple candles and one pink, each lit on one Sunday in Advent. Traditionall...MORE

Advent Wreath Lights Long Winter Night
Click to view our full line of Advent Items Here are many stirring symbols of faith displayed during the Christmas season - of the most celebrated among them is the beautiful traditional Advent wreath. The Advent wreath represents beauty and hope to many spiritual people around the wo...MORE

Advent Wreath Lights Way to Messiah
Click to view our full line of Advent Items Beyond the circle of garland Advent wreaths have really step out in the modern time being made from sterling silver and sometimes pewter. But despite all the different materials that are now used to make Advent wreaths,  from the beginn...MORE

Advent Wreath Myths
To view our full line of Advent Items, Click here Advent wreaths actually originated back in ancient Roman times. Many people mistakenly believe that Martin Luther invented the Advent wreath, as he used it to educate Christians, which popularized it among households. Mar...MORE

Advent Wreath Safety
The advent wreath is one of those items that help decorate the home for Christmas. It also helps with families by getting them ready and keeping them focused on the coming of Christ. But the advent wreath is something that should be considered for some dangers for children and pets alike. Each adv...MORE

Advent Wreath: One of Christianity’s Christmas Traditions
The Advent wreath, otherwise known as the Advent crown, is one of the symbols of the Christian season of Advent, which is a season in the liturgical calendar that takes place four weeks before Christmas.  It is a popular gift among celebrants of the Western church during thi...MORE

Advent Wreaths in the Celtic Tradition
A Celtic Advent Wreath may be one that uses tradition advent candles or some use dark and light green tapers in place of the purple and pink. The Celtic Advent and the Easter Orthodox Advent or Nativity fast last for 40 days and starts mid November but most Advent wreaths have a maximum of 5 candles...MORE

Angel Statues help to Inspire
Angels are the messengers from God to help mortals on earth have a better life. Just thinking that there is a guardian angel watching over you gives you as sense of peace and comfort. Sometimes angels represent loved ones who have departed and are watching us from heaven, intervening in our lives...MORE

Antique Nativity Sets Add Charm
Are you a collector of antique nativity sets? Or, maybe you want a seasonal display for your home, to remind people of the reason for the season. Either way, there is rich history behind nativity figures, and they are a beautiful addition to any home. Nativity sets, called creches, are...MORE

Baby Christening Gifts
When a special child in your life is being christened, baby christening gifts are an important part of the sacred celebration. To many, christening a child is of the utmost importance. The celebration has been around for many, many years. Some families take part in christening al...MORE

baby gifts
There are two kinds of gifts you can give to a new baby; something that will please the parents and something that will please the baby. Both kinds of baby gifts are welcome and you might consider choosing one of each. Parents need all the help they can get, even if it isn’t their first...MORE

Baby Memorial Figurine Is A Wonderful Gift
A baby memorial figurine is a very touchy subject for some because these gifts are only given when a child has died. These figurines normally hold scripture on them so that the parents who lost their child can have faith still in God without questioning his motives. The death of a child is extrem...MORE

Baptism Gift Idea: Be Creative
Coming up with the perfect baptism gift idea can be a challenge, particularly if you are not very good at picking out gifts regardless of the situation or event. Choosing can be a challenge for anyone. The key is to try to be as creative as possible and to not worry as much. Often time...MORE

Baptism gifts
As a public declaration of faith, a baptism is an important landmark in a person’s life, no matter what his or her age. It is traditional to give a gift to the person baptized, usually a keepsake, to commemorate the occasion. There is a large selection of suitable baptism gifts online t...MORE

Baptismal Gifst for Babies
There are many baptismal gifts for babies that are appropriate for both the occasion and the season in which they are needed.  Easter is a time of renewal, and many parents feel that this is the best time to officially bless their babies and introduce them to their church family.&nb...MORE

Catholic Confirmation Gifts For A Variety of Honorees
For many teenagers, Confirmation is a very important time in their lives but not just because they will get Catholic confirmation gifts.  Confirmation is the process by which a young person makes a commitment to the Catholic Church, to be devout and an active member.  T...MORE

Catholic Statues
Catholic statues are a major aspect of designing a church.  Because most Catholic churches are built in honor of specific saints or biblical figures, you will often find figures depicting different characters from the bible on church grounds.   Since is a major figurehead she a...MORE

Celtic Advent Wreath Adds Irish Spirit To the Home
The advent wreath thought to have originated in Germany and Scandinavia has have deep roots into the early days of Christianity. Often made of evergreen and using candles to add light to the long winters the advent wreath has become  a staple in Christian homes. As we  have come into the...MORE

Celtic Advent wreath Two Thousand years later
Anybody who is a consistent church going person will know what is celebrated in the first four weeks of December. It is a very important time in the church, probably tied with the first most important time in church celebrations next to Easter festivities. Advent is a celebrated ...MORE

Celtic cross
There are many different kinds of religious jewelry.  The patron saint medals and the four-way medal are two popular ones from the Catholic faith.  Other Christian-based designs include the cross and the crucifix.  These can be made into necklace pendants, bracelet charms, earr...MORE

Celtic Cross Pendants Perfect Gift Ideas
Whether you are religious or not, a Celtic cross pendant can be a beautiful gift to either receive or give to someone else for a special occasion.  The Celtic cross can be simple, with a plain cross intersected with a circle, or very intricate and stylized, with a flared cross and...MORE

Celtic jewelry
Religious jewelry is one of those special things that are great gifts for any occasion.  Cross pendants make a simple and inexpensive gift that anyone would appreciate.  Tie tacks, pins, brooches, and rings all have their place among the many celebrations you might attend throughout...MORE

Celtic Ring
Religious jewelry comes in many shapes, styles, and colors.  From cross pendants to crucifixes, to the latest , there is something for every taste and personality.  Weddings are a popular occasion for meaningful gift giving, especially jewelry, but there are many other occasions tha...MORE

Ceramic Natifity Sets Glaze a Tradition
Nativity scenes for Christmas decorations come in many materials from paper and wood to ceramic. Ceramic figures can be purchased in the unpainted state, for you and your children to paint as an activity during the Christmas season. They also come in a huge variety of completed forms. So...MORE

Childens Crosses
Click for our full line Childrens Crosses  Crosses and crucifixes are an important symbol when it comes to the Christian religion because they traditionally represent the crucifixion of Christ. It is a symbol which depicts the faith of Christianity and wearing it or hanging a cross ...MORE

Children's Jewelry Gift Ideas
  For children who are usually running, playing, getting dirty and generally not paying attention to their clothes, let alone jewelry, jewelry can be a nuisance. When they get a little older, they begin to like the idea of decorating themselves or wearing a meaningful symbol. There i...MORE

Childrens Nativity Sets Help Children Learn About Christmas
The birth of Jesus is the core of the Christian religion. To teach children about the stories and values in the religion, there are many books, games and toys especially made to attract children to the faith. Children’s nativity sets are one way to allow them to handle the ...MORE

Christmas decorating fun
Decorating for Christmas is one of the most fun times of the year. There are hundreds of Christmas decorations ideas; some bought from the store and some homemade. The best is a blend of the two. Decorations find their way into every room of the house and outside too. The best idea is to...MORE

Christmas Decorating ideas
Click here for our full collection of Christmas Decor When it comes to Christmas decorating you will usually come across to different types of people, you will have your will modest and simple decorators and you will have people whom will change the whole look of their hous...MORE

Christmas Decorating Ideas
Christmas brings back so many warm wonderful memories. Christmas is the season where everyone is sentimental, and thinking about Christmas decoration ideas for their home. Many people decorate their home with rustic elements to bring back childhood memories. However, it can be ch...MORE

Christmas Decoration Ideals
Click here for our full collection of Christmas Decorations The most anticipated holiday of the year is Christmas and for a good reason. Kids get gifts and family and friends get together sometimes you may even get to see some family and friends that you have not seen si...MORE

Christmas Decorations
If someone were to mention to you that the holidays are right around the corner, many images would likely come to mind.  You might, of course, think of Santa Claus and the North Pole or his flying reindeer.  Perhaps you will envision the faces of family and friends who gather...MORE

Christmas Decorations on a limited budged
So much time is spent with Christmas shopping and gift buying, that we often lose sight of decorating our home for the holidays. Sometimes we tend to feel a bit selfish spending all that money on lavish Christmas decorations, and want to cut back this year. A tight budge doesn't mean you have...MORE

Christmas Home Decor Ideas
Decorating your home for Christmas doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. Since it's the most popular holiday of the year, get your family and friends in on the fun. Christmas decorating is the best time to start traditions. Have a decorating party with your family and friends by havi...MORE

Christmas Nativity Sets Hallmark of the Season
A depiction of the scene in a stable when Jesus was born, with his mother Mary, his father Joseph the three kings or magi, angles and animals, usually sheep, donkeys and camels is called the nativity scene. This is displayed during the Christmas season in homes, churches and malls, inten...MORE

Christmas Ornaments add a personal touch
Central Europe, mainly Germany is credited with the introduction, into the home, of the evergreen tree as a Christmas decoration. It was used for centuries as a decoration for winter festivals and simply continued as the population became Christian. Decorating the tree also began with things on h...MORE

Christmas Yard Art Give Home Character
Every homeowner has different ideas for landscaping their home. Christmas yard decorations are a big deal to most people, so planning electrical access specifically for these decorations into the landscaping can be a great convenience when the holidays come around. Many people consider what types...MORE

Christmas Yard Art Makes the Yard Shine
One of the best things about Christmas decorations are the massive displays in people’s front yards. It is so much fun to drive around the neighborhood and see all the different decorations. Some are just lights, some are life sized figures of the nativity scene or Santa Cl...MORE

Church Nativity Sets Remind Us of His Birth
The scene that depicts the birth of Jesus was popularized by St. Francis of Assisi in 1223. He recreated, in a cave, Jesus in a manger, Joseph and Mary with the three wise men, angels and shepherds as will as the animals that were also there. Since then, that scene is the traditional nativity sce...MORE

Communion Gifts
For a Catholic girl or boy, first communion is a very important day in their life. It will not be simply a memory; it is the beginning of their relationship with Jesus. Communion gifts are almost always given by those who love the child because it is a time to give a memento they will keep al...MORE

Communion Pyx Is a Sacred Vessel
A communion pyx is a little sacred box used to carry the consecrated communion host away from a church to someone sick or bedridden, unable to go to church to attend communion.  This is a highly specialized object with exact specifications. The pyx is carried inside a burse ...MORE

Confirmation gifts
Sometime between the ages of 11 and 16 a child in the Christian faith has a confirmation, which is a rite of initiation into his or her family church. This happens for infants at the time they are baptized in the Eastern Church and in the Western Church it happens when they are older and ...MORE

Creating a Nativity Scene
Creating a nativity scene is a wonderful tradition to start with your family, and recreate the Holy Family in your own home. Live nativity scenes are popular at school Christmas plays or pageants and at churches. First, you need to choose Mary and Joseph. The Baby Jesus could be ...MORE

Cross jewelry
Cross jewelry is probably the most popular style of religious accessory.  Many people like to wear them because they are simple, but send a clear message.  Basic designs are casual and subtle and can go appropriate for almost any occasion.  More complex versions are per...MORE

Crosses make for great wall decorations
Click to view our full line of Wall Crosses Crosses have been gaining favor as a way to décor homes. Through the ages the symbol of the cross has changed making it a great way decorate a home. Many now mimic the antique hand-forged iron wall crosses. Wrought Iron crosses als...MORE

Diamond Cross Pendant
A cross pendant is both a symbol of one’s faith and a fashion statement. A diamond cross pendant is a glorious way to express both. The diamonds are set in yellow and white gold or platinum in every style of cross imaginable from simple Latin cross, Celtic cross, trefoil cross an...MORE

Enriching the Home with Inspirational Tapestries
One of the most unique home décor items available are woven tapestries. They often are scenes that reflect historical events or historical figures. They are a textile art that uses a vertical loom and hand knits strands of wool to create that picture or painting. Tapestries can be traced back to the...MORE

Evolution of the Modern Catechism
Click here to view our full line of Catechism Books The need for a catechism is something that was sorely lacking for years within the Catholic Church. In 1992, Pope John Paul II commissioned the official Catechism of the Catholic Church. He with the help with Joseph Ratzinger, now kn...MORE

Facts About The Advent Wreath
The Advent wreath is a long held tradition among Christians. Although not all Christians oversee this tradition, it is still in modern day celebrations. As many people may or not be aware, the Advent is in the month of December, following the days before Christmas. Many of these wreaths are made ...MORE

Fall Decorating Tips and Ideas
The colors of fall, mainly shades of red, orange and brown are Mother Nature’s last fling before her quiet snooze through winter. When summer cools down, these are the colors we see all around us as the trees begin to lose their leaves and winter fruits and vegetables ripen. Nothin...MORE

First Communion Must Follow Penance
Click here for our full line of First Communion items As children prepare for their First Communion, the church clearly also states that the child must have also celebrated their first Confession, or first penance prior to receiving their first Eucharist.  The Magisterium  i...MORE

Fontanini Figures Bring Nativity Set to Life
Fontanini figures are nativity scenes and pieces that are some of the most beautiful available today. They have been made for a hundred years by the Fontanini family, founded by Emanuele Fontanini in Bagni de Lucca, a small village Tuscany. One nativity scene can take almost two years to...MORE

Fontanini Nativity Scene
Christmas is one of the most religious events for any religion that honors the Lord Jesus Christ. Although not every religion has the same exact customs but the belief of what they celebrate and believe in are mostly the same. Since Christmas is one of the most important religiou...MORE

Four-Way Crosses A multi-purpose symbol
A 4-way cross is a single cross that contains four different saint’s medals. Many have all four arms the same length. At the top is a Sacred Heart of Jesus medal, at the bottom is a Miraculous Medal, relating to Mary, on the left is a St. Joseph medal and a St. Christopher medal ...MORE

Fun Ideas for Baby Gifts
It’s fun to offer gifts to babies. They are easy to please and there is a world full of pleasing possibilities. Baby gifts are often more useful for the parents, and this is also a good idea, but giving something that will make the child laugh and have fun, is a great feeli...MORE

Garden Statues add beauty to your yard
Garden statues can range from the most common garden gnome to a full marble depiction of the nativity. They add depth, beauty and sometimes humor to your front lawn or flower beds. If they are cleverly chosen and arranged they can make a wonderland out of the simplest garden. There are temporary ...MORE

History of a 15 Decade Rosary
The idea of the rosary came to St. Dominic in 1214 when he had a vision of Mary, as a powerful means to pray to her for special grace, especially for converting heretics. A 15 decade rosary is a devotional prayer of all the mysteries that Catholics pray to Mary. It includes three...MORE

History of Italian Rosaries
Rosaries made in Italy have a special significance for Catholics. They are coming from the home of their Church. There are special Vatican souvenir rosaries blessed by the Pope from Vatican City. There are Jubilee 2000 rosaries, wall rosaries, rose petal rosaries and four basilic...MORE

History of the Advent Wreath
The Advent Wreath is seasonal item that is a circle of evergreen foliage that holds four candles to represent a week of Advent. In the more modern times we are seeing advent wreaths made out of pewter, brass, silver and even gold with thematic items such as the nativity etched to the ring that hol...MORE

History of the Christmas Gift
Today Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus with lots of traditions added to the day from throughout the centuries and even before Christ. On the first of January, Roman emperors received gifts from their ministers, to celebrate the winter solstice. Some traditions are still welcome an...MORE

Holiday Decoration ideas
Traditionally, Christmas is a time when decorating inside and outside the home is very popular. There are two main themes for Christmas, the religious and the secular. Santa Clause comes to all children to deliver wished for gifts, and snowmen know no politics. But the true meaning of Christmas i...MORE

Holy Family Statues are Center of Nativity
A holy family statue is a wonderful reminder of who we strive to be like and it is a statue that graces many homes.  Sometimes the statue has Joseph and Mary standing with Mary holding the Christ child, sometimes they are shown kneeling with Joseph holding a shepherd’s...MORE

How to decorate a Christmas Tree
The traditional Christmas tree is usually some kind of conifer, usually a fir or pine tree. How to decorate a Christmas tree depends on the theme of your home decorations, Christmas, office or anywhere else you want a decorated tree. Traditionally a Christmas tree has multicolored ornaments and l...MORE

How to Set up Your Christmas Nativity Set
If you want to know how to set up a nativity set in your front yard, you first need to research the nativity story. You should know who the characters are and what their roles were in the story. If you are using the traditional Middle Eastern style you could research the clothing from the era. If...MORE

Indoor Nativity Sets
The most fitting decoration for the holiday season is indoor nativity sets. They represent the true meaning of Christmas and symbolizing peace on earth. There are so many different kinds and representations of the nativity that there is sure to be one for every home, décor and personality....MORE

Irish Home Decor Outward Expression of History
Irish home décor can include anything from ancient Celtic designs to shamrocks on your napkins. There is a mystical atmosphere to Celtic designs because they are complex. They often avoid straight lines and symmetry and do not imitate nature which is usually done in tradit...MORE

Jesse Tree
The Jesse tree makes a fun and unique way to count down the days of advent. Traditionally, the Jesse tree consisted of a few evergreen sticks which were usually adorned with ornaments for each day of passing advent, but nowadays, they now take the form of an actually tree which can be either ...MORE

Jesse Tree Advent Wreath
The Jesse tree advent wreath symbolizes the coming of Jesus Christ, the king of the kings and descendent of Jesse, father of King David. This is very well described in the first verse of eleventh chapter of Isaiah. ” A shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his ...MORE

Jesse Tree And Advent
Jesse Tree and Advent are tied together where as the Jesse Tree has biblical root. Some parishes defer the use of a Christmas tree to a Jesse Tree in the Altar or sanctuary area. Of course some of the Christmas Tree roots do go back to Pagan believes around the time of Constantine, who added some of...MORE

Jesse Tree and Advent Bridge Path From Past to the Future.
  The Jesse Tree is the perfect complement to Advent. Its is a great way to recall history of Jesus and his family as well as applying it to the four weeks of advent that are highlighted with the four advent candles on the advent wreath. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah said that the messiah w...MORE

Jewelry Christian
There are many kinds of religious jewelry.  Christian and Celtic cross pendants, Catholic patron saint medals, and religious resin statues are just the beginning of a large catalog of artistic and meaningful gift items.  No matter the occasion, you will likely find something that is...MORE

John Vianney Statue
Jean-Baptist-Marie Vianney, May 8, 1786 – August 4, 1859 was the third child of six, born to a very faithful Catholic family who was destined to become St. John Vianney. During the French Revolution his family continued to attend Mass in secret and this had a profound effect on him...MORE

lawn statues
Religious lawn statues are popular ornamentation for homes and churches, but there are so much more than your everyday decoration.  These often life-size figurines represent the many aspects of faith in their denominations.  Whether you belong to an eastern or western religion, you ...MORE

LED Advent Candles Enhances Child Safety
Each year as advent approaches there is a joy for the return of the  advent and then Christmas season. But there is also the concern for fire. The process of advent involves lighting and keeping lit 4 candles throughout the 4 weeks of advent. Click here to review our full line...MORE

Murano Glass Rosary Beads
Click to view our full line of Murano Rosaries The rosary is an important symbol in Christian tradition, the name rosary comes from the Latin meaning garland or roses or flowers and the rose is a symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary which makes the rosary beads very important, they ar...MORE

Nativity Crèches
When it comes to Christmas just about everybody religious or not will be able to recognize one of the most famous religious symbols that there is, the nativity scene. The nativity scenes are decorations put out at Christmas time that represent the place of which Jesus was born. C...MORE

Nativity Figures
When it comes to decorating your house for Christmas using nativity figurines is a great way to get that very cozy feeling that brings out the warmth of Christmas. Since Christmas is a holiday that revolves around an amazing event that happen in a small manger on the 25th of Dece...MORE

Nativity Sets
Nativity sets are very popular during the Yuletide season.  Many people enjoy seeing the retelling of the birth of Jesus, so a physical reminder of this occasion is always appreciated.  Just after Thanksgiving, you will start to see the many versions of these portrayals in ch...MORE

Nativity Sets have long history
The birth of Jesus is the biggest celebration of the Christian year. On that night, in Bethlehem, a baby was born in a stable. Lowly animals as well as angels from heaven came to greet him. It is said that three kings from the orient also followed a star and arrived to offer the baby precious gif...MORE

Need to Sell Your Home? Ask St. Joseph
For a view of our full collection of Saint Joseph Items, click here As anyone who has ever sold a house knows, it is one of the most difficult processes and you need all the help you can get. You have people come tell you what colors to paint your rooms, if to change you carpet but wh...MORE

Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue
Click here to view our full line of Outdoor Decor Our Lady of Guadalupe is a 16th century icon which shows the Virgin Mary, otherwise known as the mother of Jesus Christ. This image is also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe and it represents a famous Marian apparition. According to...MORE

Our Lady of Lourdes
Bernadette Soubirous was only 14-years old when she first admitted to seeing apparitions of a “lady” in the cave of Massabielle.  This was on February 11, 1858.  About a mile outside of the town of Lourdes, the peasant girl was gathering firewood with her sister, Toinett...MORE

Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Click for our full line of Christmas Decor A very common practice for many neighborhoods around the holidays is to put up outdoor decorations celebrating either Christmas or just the holidays in general. Even know not everybody celebrates Christmas for the religious reas...MORE

Outdoor Nativity Sets
Outdoor nativity scenes are used during the Christmas season to celebrate the birth of Jesus for all to see. They are placed in front of private homes, churches, and religious institutions. Some are very life-like, some look like carved marble statues and some are lighted plastic or outlined fram...MORE

Outdoor Statues for Prayer
Nothing brings your garden alive like outdoor statues. Whether it is a religious statue, animal statue or people walking through your back yard, it adds mystery and depth to your trees and flowers. There are mythical animals and gargoyles to peek at you from a nook as well as lar...MORE

prayer garden statues
Click here for more Garden Statues Prayer garden statues are life sized statues which can be placed in your own garden as a place for you to give prayer to the representations of the statues. Prayer gardens have been created all over the world and are a place of worship for Christi...MORE

Real Presence In the Eucharist
The Catholic Church, since its inception, has always believed in the Real Presence of Jesus in the form o the Eucharist. As a child celebrates their first communion, they too are about to take part in this honored tradition. The Eucharist is the one sacrament that is representative or Christ’s sacri...MORE

Real Presence is Key to Immortality
St. Ignatius of Antioch said in 100 a.d., Eucharist is the medicine of immortality so we do not die but live forever in Jesus. Catholics profoundly believe that their participation in the mass, and their participation in Communion will help them gain the eternal life with Jesus. During the mass thou...MORE

Religious Bird Baths
There are many people who appreciate thoughtful, personal gifts over something simple and practical.  Those who are dedicated to their church, for instance, often enjoy possessions that remind them of the commitment they have made to God.  After all, superficial belongings ar...MORE

Religious Chistmas Gifts keeps Jesus in the Season
Click for our full line of Christmas Gifts Christmas is one of two times a year when gift giving is very important. The other one is birthdays. Giving gifts at Christmas is usually part of the Christians celebration of the birth of Jesus. The gifts commemorate the gifts brought to baby J...MORE

Religious Gifts For Spiritual People
Religious gifts can be very simple and humble, and be worth more in meaning than in monetary value.  These are usually the best types of to give because they represent a momentous occasion in a person’s life.  Sometimes it is clothing, like a bonnet or a towel for a baby at b...MORE

Religious Statues
  The most common religious statues are of Catholic saints. There are hundreds of saints and hundreds of statues for each one. Some are very costly works of art and some are small plastic pieces to be kept in the pocket or purse. Indoor statues of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the saint...MORE

Religious Tree Toppers Accent Tradition
Traditionally, the common decoration at the top of the Christmas tree was a star or an angel. These were usually home made and more symbolic than representational. Each of these is a religious tree topper because they are both present in the traditional nativity scene. The star i...MORE

Roman Catholic Church
The Roman Catholic Church has a ritual that welcomes adult converts into the church. It includes first communion, confirmation and baptism all in one ceremony and is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Gifts are exchanged at this time between the person being initiated a...MORE

Rose Petal Rosaries
In the Catholic Church, the rosary is a devotional prayer to Mary to intercede on the prayers behalf for Gods blessings. Rosary also means a garland of roses, each bead representing a prayer to Mary who is symbolized by the rose. Rosaries beads are made out of wood, glass, precio...MORE

Rustic Nativity Scene
The Nativity scene is an important part of Christian tradition during the festive season. It is a way to bring the true meaning of Christmas back into your household and the nativity scene also helps to teach children all about the birth of Christ and what Christmas is really abo...MORE

Saint Anthony Statues the Ultimate Franciscian
St. Anthony was the most famous direct disciple of St. Francis of Assisi. He joined the Franciscan order in 1220 and was a scholar and orator, which was unusual in a Franciscan. St. Francis was a simple man and warned St. Anthony about pride in his learning. In spite of his schol...MORE

Saint Francis with Animals Statue
To view our full line of St Francis Statues click here Saint Francis, also known as St Francis of Assisi was the patron saint of animals and he was the Friar and founder of the Franciscans. You will often find statues of St Francis with an animal because he was the patron s...MORE

Saint Rita Satues
St. Rita was born in Umbria Italy in 1381. She was married at 12 years old to an immoral man and had two sons. She begged her parents not to arrange the marriage because she wanted to enter a convent, but they didn’t heed her concerns. During her married life, she was abused by her husband ...MORE

Saint Rita Statue is Reminder
It is believed that St. Rita was destined to become a saint from birth. When she was an infant her parents saw bees flying all around her, in and out of her mouth, without harming her. At the time they didn’t understand it but much later it was connected to Pope Urban VIII ...MORE

Saint Statues make perfect home decor idea
Beautiful religious art work is the perfect Catholic gift for a home, office or church. There are many types of saint statues, some hand painted in Italy with an old world patina, and are incredible works of art. There are also simple ceramic statues for your garden and three inch icons ...MORE

Santa Decorations
For the secular aspect of the Christmas season, Santa Claus is the gift giver for all good children. In different parts of the world he is known as Father Christmas, Kris Kringle or Saint Nicholas, but in the US he is just Santa. The legendary figure may originate from the historical figure Saint...MORE

Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
One of the major aspects of the Sacrament of Confirmation are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit that are bestowed on the candidate when they are sealed with the Holy Spirit. The candidate when participating in Confirmation accepts that their mission is to be witnesses of Jesus in their families a...MORE

Solar Bird Feeders
Birdfeeders in your garden attract birds during the day for them to have an easy meal. It’s nice to be able to see a large variety of birds in your back or front yard. Solar lighted birdfeeders add another dimension to feeding birds. At night you will have a glowing hanging...MORE

Solar Fountain Adds Tranquilty to prayer garden
Gently splashing water can be one of the most soothing sounds. Small fountains for your garden can provide this; however, they are often expensive and need sophisticated pumps and electricity. Today, all you need is a spot of sunlight on a patio or in a garden and you can have a beauti...MORE

Solar Lighted Angels Have Many Uses
Guardian angels in cemeteries have been a common sight for centuries. In the greatest cathedrals around the world angels look over the dead and are considered to take the departed soul to heaven. Today, with the magic of solar batteries the angel can be gently illuminated at nigh...MORE

Click for our full line of Garden Statues Gardening has always given us a sense of well-being and a connection to something greater than ourselves. The fruits of our labor can now bring us closer to our faith in the form of a prayer garden. The very act of gardening is often an act of...MORE

St. Anthony Statues Personify A Great Man
St. Anthony was a great scholar and excellent orator. He was born in 1195 in Lisbon, Portugal, Fernando Martins de Belhoes. He entered a St. Augustinian Abby when he was 15 years old after studying Latin and the bible. His family was wealthy and his parents were not in favor of him bec...MORE

St. Francis most popular Garden Statue
Click for our full line of Garden Statues As I ride around town I often see Catholic Yard statues that depict the saints. It has become very common to see St. Francis Statues adorning people’s yards. Additionally many people may select for their garden statues the Blessed Mot...MORE

St. John Vinney
Click to view our full collection of St John Vianney Medals St. John Vianney was born in France on May 8th of 1786 he was the third of six children. His family grew up as normal dedicated Catholics who followed the word of the lord and help the poor as much as they could. In 179...MORE

St. Joseph Builds Home For Savior
Joseph, of the House of David, was the husband of Mary the mother of Jesus. Most Christians do not consider him the father of Jesus because of the Immaculate Conception of the Son of God. However, Joseph is considered a saint by the Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican and the Lutheran churches....MORE

St. Joseph Home Seller Kit
To view our full collection of Saint Joseph items, Click here St Joseph home seller kits can help to sell you house if you are looking to sell you home for one reason or another. The St Joseph home seller kits is a way of showing your faith and it is a simple, physical act ...MORE

St. Joseph Statue
Click here to view our full selection of St. Joseph Statues St. Joseph is described as the parton saint of the new world, the Universal Church, married couples, families, homes, carpenters, and, yes, real estate! St. Joseph had no formal canonization being that canon...MORE

Sterling Silver Religious Jewelry
The end all of sterling silver religious jewelry might just be the patron saint medals that are popular in the Catholic faith.  These medals can be worn on chains, likea cross pendants, or carried on a person, like a charm.  Some people keep them in their car, hanging from a...MORE

The Franciscan Cross
Click here to view our full line The Franciscan Crosses The Franciscan cross is also known as the Tau cross, and it comes from the Hebrew spiritual interpretation proper of the letters from their alphabet. The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet represented the Word of God and this...MORE

The history of the crucifix
Crucifixion was a form of execution by hanging a person on a from the sixth century BC to about the fourth century AD by Persians, Jews, Carthaginians, Seleucids, and Romans. The condemned dragged the cross beam to the upright pole while being whipped and was then nailed to it and was attached to...MORE

The Papal Crucifix The Long and Rich History that Predates It
The papal crucifix is a very unique crucifix on the papal staff carried by John Paul II, the current pope.  The crucifix itself was revised and adopted by Pope Paul VI when he was elected and has been used ever since.  The staff itself is often associated with the shepherd&rs...MORE

The Patron Saints
Click here for a the full line of Patron Medals The Patron saints medals are very popular amongst the Catholic followers. The medal of a particular saint characterizes his or her virtues. By wearing the medals, the followers want to imbibe those virtues in themselves. Patro...MORE

The Saint Medals
Click to view our full collection of Saint Medals The process of declaring religious members of the Christian society, as holy or pious person is a religious process, which is taken up by the church and Pope, leading the way to Sainthood. There are three ways in which the P...MORE

Unique Christmas Home Decor
  People have always enjoyed decorating their homes, however, Christmas time has always made people more enthusiastic. People always try to outsmart themselves every year, going all out to fill their homes with decorations, and giving their homes a festive Christmas home décor. Th...MORE

Valentines Day Gifts for Him
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this year promises to be as festive as ever.  You may already be looking for gifts for the significant other in your life.  It certainly isn’t a time of year for tools or other handy items, although these are alw...MORE

Valentines Day Gifts for your Honey
Valentine’s Day is a special day that is celebrated around the world.  It is a time of budding romance, when spring is just around the corner.  It is also a time of hearts, cupids, chocolate and flowers.  Although it is clearly a day for lovers, it is also a ...MORE

Valentines Day Gifts Have Long History
Valentine’s Day was first celebrated in the modern western world in the 17th century, when people exchanged handmade notes or tokens.  Although it has always been associated with romance, it also has its roots in Ancient Rome and is often associated with a pagan fertil...MORE

Valentines Gifts for Everyone
Valentine’s Day is celebrated the world over.  It is a time of romance and renewal as February 14 is close to the time when spring is in the air in many places.  The history of Valentine’s Day is a little unclear and no one is really sure who St. Valentine w...MORE

Wall Cross Decor A Proclaimation of Faith
Crosses have symbolized many things since humans started using religious symbols including unity among people. The Romans used the cross as a torture instrument and ever since Jesus was crucified on a cross, the cross has represented Christianity. Even the ancient Egyptian symbol...MORE

Wall Crucifix Decor
Crucifixes are the most significant Catholic symbol and appear everywhere the Catholic religion is practiced. They appear on rosaries, pendants, medals and are very popular as jewelry, these days, for rock stars and celebrities. For a private home, wall crucifixes can be part of ...MORE

Wall Rosaries Popualr Home Decor Item
The Catholic Church follows a very particular belief structure within the Christian religion.  Perhaps the most significant characteristic of the Catholic Church is its regard of the Virgin Mary as a major figure of observance.  For this reason, wall rosaries are popular items ...MORE

Wall Rosary Unique Home Decor Item
A wall rosary is a devotional as well as a decorative statement. It shows, for all to see, that you are a member of the Catholic Church and participate in the devotion of the rosary. It is a very large version of smaller hand rosaries that can be hung on a wall. It can be artfull...MORE

Water Fountains
The sound of gently splashing water is very soothing. It is known to relieve stress at the end of the day. A gorgeous stone water fountain in your garden would be ideal for you to hear and contemplate and to attract birds for water or a bath. Everyone may not have a large garden ...MORE

What are Christmas Decorations
Click here to view our full line of Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations come in many different shapes and sizes, for many different uses. Christmas tree decorations can be traced all the way back to the early 19th century when German Saxons used to light candles and place...MORE

What are First communion kits
First communion is a special day in the life of a Catholic child and there are lots of preparations needed to be ready. The correct outfit is very important, dress, veil, suit, tie along with the accessories to match, so your child feels as perfect on the outside as they do on the insi...MORE

What is a Communion Pyx
A communion pyx is a small gold lined box that is used to carry the consecrated communion host to people in the hospital or at home who cannot go out to communion. This case has to be made according to certain specifications in order to be able to be used. There is a burse or bag...MORE

What is a Jesse Tree Ornaments
Jesse Tree ornaments are a tradition for which many Christian parents partake in with their children. This is done during the month of December where a live Christmas tree is planted in a pot and wrapped in felt so that symbols can be added to the tree each day. Certain scripture is normally read...MORE

What is a Pyx
To view our full collection of Pyx click here As the Eucharist Ministers to the sick approach the altar they each have their Pyx to carry the Eucharist to the sick or homebound of the parish. But what is a pyx and why does it have such a funny name. The word Pyx is rooted in Greek...MORE

White Gold Cross
The Cross is the most sacred symbol for all Christians and many like to show their faith by wearing the Cross as jewelry. It is elegant, comes in many different styles and designs and there is a huge collection available online. Pure gold is yellow in color and white gold is an alloy of yellow go...MORE

Who is St. Joseph
Joseph of the House of David was betrothed to Mary, mother of Jesus. According to Christian tradition he acted as the foster father of Jesus, gave him his name and became the legal father. They believe he knew Jesus was not an ordinary child and undertook God’s work to look after the family...MORE

Who is The Holy Family
Jesus is the origin and focal point of the Christian religion. His mother, Mary and step-father, as Joseph is called in the Catholic Church, are the Holy Family because Jesus is considered the Son of God. Christians believe that the Messiah, the king of the Jews, was born to a young girl who was ...MORE

Wooden Beaded Rosaries
Click here for our full line of Wood Rosaries The rosary comes from the Latin word meaning garland of roses or flowers. The rose is the flower which is a symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary which makes the rosary an important symbol of Christianity. Rosaries were traditionall...MORE

Wooden Wall Rosaries Make Great Talking Piece
As a display on the wall of your living room or sitting room to show your faith as well as a beautiful decoration there is nothing like a wooden wall rosary. It makes the statement that you are a member of the Catholic Church and pray the rosary or garland of roses which are pray...MORE