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Angel Statues help to Inspire

Angels are the messengers from God to help mortals on earth have a better life. Just thinking that there is a guardian angel watching over you gives you as sense of peace and comfort. Sometimes angels represent loved ones who have departed and are watching us from heaven, intervening in our lives to thwart evil, the malevolent airy beings, demons which, if they are around, only cause trouble and grief. Angel statues are beings; men, women, boys and girls who have been depicted with wings like birds since the fourth century, so they can hover above us and fly back to heaven. They are guardians, attendants and messengers radiating sweetness.


Angels are found in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic religions. In the Christian and Jewish religions there are four main angels. Michael, the warrior who led Gods forces against Satan and won, Gabriel, who told Mary she would be the mother of the Son of God, Raphael the healer and Uriel the angel of repentance at the gate of Eden. Michael is the patron saint of police men and his statue appears in many places and on badges and medals. Angel statues are most popular as grave ornaments, symbolizing the deceased being taken to heaven but there are other places where an angel is welcome.


Angel statues are always included in nativity scenes as the messengers to the shepherds and witnesses to the sinless birth. For this reason they are a popular decoration at Christmas time and many Christmas tree ornaments are different designs of angels. Often the ornament on the top of the tree is a star or an angel. Even cookies and chocolate are shaped like angels and angels also appear on wrapping paper and in the windows of department stores. They are included as lawn ornaments and guardians of gates and portals in their protective role.


In your garden at home you may not want the type of angel statues that preside over a grave. There are very cute little cherubs playing a harp and symbolizing love and peace. They come in several different attitudes, thinking, smiling, playing, laughing and many more. They are small and fit in any space but look especially inviting in the garden.

They come in different styles, colors and forms but most are based on angels from paintings during the Italian Renaissance period.


Angel statues for your garden or home come in hundreds of types. There is a solar, sleeping fairy which glows in the dark to add mystery to your patio or garden. It never needs replacing as the LED gathers solar power all day and begins to glow at sunset. Some have chimes inside that give melodic music; some are combined with beautiful shells or bowls that are bird baths or feeders. Angel statues can be sent along with flowers for any occasion. They can be book ends, fountains and hold lanterns for your front path. They add an element of fun and mischief peeking around your rose bushes, or an atmosphere of serenity and calm blessing your home.


This article was published on Tuesday 24 November, 2009.

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