Monday, December 21, 2009

Ceramic Advent Wreaths Anticipate Christs Birth

The four weeks leading up to Christmas represent Advent. This is the time of year that the Christians celebrate the anticipation of Christs birth. A ceramic advent wreath is a wonderful way to celebrate the advent season. The wreaths traditionally consist of the base and 4 candles. There are three purple candles and one pink. The purple color symbolizes royalty and penance, this is used for the first, second and fourth candle. The third candle, which represents joy is colored pink. The wreaths were once made of evergreen branches tied in the shape of a wreath, representing life in the middle of winter.

A popular ceramic advent wreath design is a shallow circular well that can hold water for you to have fresh flowers and greenery all through the advent season. There are also designs such as a bridge made up of the nativity figures, and porcelain nativity figures that are placed together to form a wreath.

One advantage to having a ceramic advent wreath is its resistance to fire. There is no need to worry about burning a fresh bough should a child like to help light the candles. Pewter and Celtic advent wreaths are also flame retardant. Aside from the practicality of a wreath you can use year after year is the family treasure that will be handed down through the generations.


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