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Celtic Garden Decor Adds Heritage to Prayer Garden

The ancient inhabitants of most of Europe were the Celts. They had a very distinct style that later merged with Christianity and is seen today as art and design mainly in Ireland and Scotland. Celtic garden décor gives an ancient touch to your garden with beautiful sculptures and designs to make your garden a fantasy place. There are also Celtic traditions that are connected to the plants in your garden, for example, Daisies for creative inspiration and Morning Glories to break old habits and be spontaneous.


In your backyard you can have Celtic garden décor that includes one or several of the following possibilities; a stone circle, a dolmen, a lake hut and ogham stone, or Celtic tree alphabet and a Celtic chieftain’s chair. These along with statues and fountains will make your garden a showcase. The Celts had mythologies connected with nature and the trees around them. Each tree had a spirit living within and if the tree needed to be cut a small portion was saved for the spirit. This is where knocking on wood began, to chase out the spirit before the tree was cut.


You can find online some beautiful, rustic wall plaques including a face in a leaf called spirit of the forest and classical gargoyles to protect your garden. There are Celtic cross and shamrock wind spinners. You can even get Celtic garden décor carved stepping stones with ancient designs and petroglyphs based on actual relics in Ireland. There are mystical creatures in all sizes to hide in corners or stand guard by your front door. There are gazing bowls to see the future reflected in the clear water and give water to the birds too.


There are rustic planters with the Celtic design as well as leprechaun planters and Celtic garden stakes with designs on top. There are also praying angels and palm stones to place on your patio or sun room with Irish sayings and motifs. There are beautiful Irish sun catchers with many designs and colors to sparkle in your garden and ancient looking metal lanterns that hold a votive candle and will light you garden at night from pre-history. Celtic garden décor is a genre that suits gardens with trees and shrubs where the mythical animals and beings abide. It originated in a land of green grass and forests where all the myths could survive. In the middle of the fantastic you could have a prisoner of love figurine, a copy from 1872 that is an introspective woman bound with flowers.


If you are lucky enough to have a large garden or even if you just have a square meter on a balcony you can create an atmosphere of mystery and wonder with Celtic garden décor. It will be an extension of your relationship with nature or an artistic expression to attract the admiration of your friends and family. Lush green nature combined with beautiful rustic art and statues of amazing creatures create a space worth watching, walking through or just sitting and enjoyin

This article was published on Friday 12 February, 2010.

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