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Christmas decorating fun

Decorating for Christmas is one of the most fun times of the year. There are hundreds of Christmas decorations ideas; some bought from the store and some homemade. The best is a blend of the two. Decorations find their way into every room of the house and outside too. The best idea is to have a plan. For some, Santa Clause and his reindeer is the main theme of the decorations. For others baby Jesus and the nativity scene is the main theme. You can also have both, if you plan ahead and know what goes where.


The living room or family room is usually the main room for decorations. This is where the tree goes and so many things follow from that. There are beautiful ceramic nativity sets that are especially made to go under your tree. Also, there are hundreds of Christmas decorations ideas for tree ornaments. This is where it is nice to have a blend of shiny colorful balls bought from the store, and homemade ornaments such as gingerbread men, pop corn strings, felt and foil crafted stars and angles and so many more.


Christmas cards are another great decoration resource. The especially pretty ones can be saved year after year and either made into a collage wall hanging or cut and pasted to a board or sheet and hung in a window. These Christmas decorations ideas can add sparkle to homemade decorations without spending anything. They come ready for celebration, you just need a little imagination to make them part of your festive decorating.


Christmas decorations ideas have traditionally included wreaths. They can be made out of pine branches with pine cones and a little fake snow, but they can be so much more. What about a Christmas cookie wreath? Imagine lots of gingerbread men brightly decorated or a candy cane wreath with a big red bow on top? The wreath could represent the starry night surrounding the nativity scene with a home made nativity set in the middle. Wire wreath molds are available in arts and craft stores and whatever you want can be glued or tied to them.


Other Christmas decorations ideas always include lights. Strings of colorful lights for your tree or to trim the outside of your house are easily available and last for years. Sometimes, just tiny white lights symbolize a snowy night with icicles, even if your Christmas is eighty degrees outside. If December isn’t a cold month for you, let Santa enjoy the sun in a unique and funny tableau. Lights can be very high tech and illuminate a large Christmas scene in your yard with blinking and changing colorful lights. One thing that is fun and unusual is to put lights inside your house. For example, a colorful string over your dining room table or even over the sink in the kitchen. The Christmas season is the time when you can get carried away with your decoration and no one will mind. It will all disappear too soon and have to wait for another year.

This article was published on Saturday 31 October, 2009.

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