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Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Decorating your home for Christmas doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. Since it's the most popular holiday of the year, get your family and friends in on the fun. Christmas decorating is the best time to start traditions. Have a decorating party with your family and friends by having Christmas cookies and eggnog. Having your family and friends helping you to create the perfect Christmas home decor can be a wonderful experience. Use a few of these ideas when you decorate.


This is the perfect time to display your favorite Christmas collection. If you don't have a collection, this is the perfect time to start one. Maybe collect nutcrackers, and each year put a different one on display for Christmas. As you add each one, mark the date on the bottom. When you see that date at Christmas, you'll have fun remembering when you bought it. This adds a nice bit of nostalgia to your Christmas home decor. You could also start a collection of ornaments collected throughout the years. There are many specialty ornaments on the market that have the year already on them.


Buy different sized red velvet Christmas bows, and attach them to various pieces of furniture throughout your home. A few great places are on wreaths, lamps, tables, kitchen cupboards, door knobs, even chandeliers. Use larger Christmas bows on bannisters, mantles, doors, chairs, and couches. This adds just the right amount of color no matter what theme you choose for your Christmas home decor. You can also use red velvet Christmas ribbon as tie backs for your drapes. Just pin the ribbon to your drapes, then wrap it around. To stay in theme with smaller decorations, decorate your house plants by hanging small Christmas balls on them. Be careful not to pierce your plants with the hooks.


To decorate your end tables, coffee tables, kitchen tables and dining room tables, place a glass bowl filled with pine cones in the center. Use a Q-tip to add gold glitter to the tips of the pine cones. Add a few Christmas balls to make a festive centerpiece for your Christmas decor. You can also use pine cones in tall vases with small Christmas balls, then place the vases on various shelves throughout your home. Create a small basket of glittering pine cones, and place it on larger tables such as coffee tables.


Christmas garland offers an endless variety of Christmas home decor ideas. Add the garland to door frames, window frames, and mirrors. Add Christmas lights to the garland, and frame you doors, doorways, banisters, and table edges. This makes a beautiful dramatic effect to any room. When placing garland up high, or in unusual positions, fasten it securely by using tape. Any kind of tape will do, however, the two that work the best are duct tape and masking tape. Other tapes tend to dry out quickly, which would ruin your garland decorations. For that added touch of elegance, place a few Christmas candles around your room, and turn out the lights. The glow of Christmas lights and candles can be absolutely breathtaking

This article was published on Monday 26 October, 2009.

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