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The Christmas tree is an evergreen and symbol of continuity of life through the cold and the dark winter season. The primary decoration is a light candle. This signifies light in darkness of winter. The tree represents life in winter, light in darkness, hope of the coming spring, etc. This is similar to the first and the second coming of our savior, Jesus Christ. The hope and the anticipation of kingdom of peace reigning on the earth and end of evil and our sins. The Christmas tree is brought and set up on 24th of December and taken down on the 6thJanuary.


The Christmas tree is generally a conifer like pine, fir, spruce. The custom of setting up Christmas tree can be traced to 16th century Germany. The earliest example of Christmas tree was a pine tree used and decorated in Alsace region of Germany. After this use of conifer tree spread quickly through out Germany and eventually in world. As time passed away people started to add variety of things like, apples, nuts, dates, paper flowers, stars, etc to beatify the tree.


In the 18th century wax candles were attached in the Rhine area of Germany. Later this practice was adopted by Catholic Church. Slowly this custom was adopted by royal courts of Russia, Austria, France and Britain. Where there is environmental damage due deforestation, artificial tree are used made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or other plastics. Fiber optics is also used to make illuminated artificial tree. They have the advantage of being reused over a long period of time.


Christmas ornaments are decorations made up of glass, steel, wood and ceramics are used to decorate the Christmas tree. The common decorations are Santa Claus figure, candy, canes, fruits, butterflies, grapes, lanterns, candles, nests with birds sitting on them.

The glass bauble is used to decorate Christmas tree is glass ball, hand painted and topped with a cap and hook. It is the most widely used form decoration and nowadays bauble made from plastic wide variety of shapes, colors and designs are available.


The other famous decoration is called the Christmas pickle. It is pickle shaped ornament hidden in the tree and the child who finds it first, on Christmas morning gets an extra prize. The tree –topper decoration consists of a large illuminated star or an angel on the top of the tree. Other tree-toppers are glass spire like ornaments. Plastic tree-topper are often electrified and once connected with tree’s string of colored lights, they glow from within.


So the Christmas tree and its decorations reflect our joy at birth of our, King of Kings, his coming, to deliver us from our sins and sufferings and live in his kingdom of peace.



This article was published on Tuesday 22 September, 2009.

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