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Christmas Trees
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The origin of the Christmas tree is generally accepted to predate the Christian era. During the dark months of winter in Germany, there was a practice of bringing into the house the only natural decoration available, which was an evergreen conifer tree. During the Christian era this practice continued and became associated with Christmas. Today, Christmas trees are one of the best decorations of the season and are sometimes very elaborate. There is usually an angel or star at the top giving reference to the nativity of Jesus but the tree decorations can be secular.


Having genuine Christmas trees does not deplete our forests. Very few are cut from the forest and they are supervised by the forest department. Most trees are grown on a farm just for Christmas. Buying a fake tree does not save a wild tree and will eventually end up being thrown away, whereas a real tree will decompose and enrich the earth. Some people say that real trees are a safety hazard and may catch fire. Where this is certainly possible, statistics show it is very rare. Real trees give a wonderful fragrance to your home that is evocative of the season and you know you have made the best choice for the environment.


Decorations for Christmas Trees can have many themes. They can be all home made, they can be all one color, or two colors, for example, all red and gold or silver and light blue. Your tree can fit into the décor of your home or have an added old fashioned theme that gives a warm atmosphere.  There is every conceivable tree ornament available online, from pop art themes to religious themes. Lights are a major factor in decorating a tree. It depends on your theme. Are they all the same color? Are they all white? A traditional tree has multicolored lights that are more festive and less designer.


Fake Christmas trees are a possibility for some. If you want the look but not the fuss a fake tree may be the best. It doesn’t have the same atmosphere as a real tree but will give the impression. Some fake trees are pink or blue to match a particular décor. They look like snow covered trees with dawn or evening light reflecting off of the snow. They have an elegant look for certain situations and usually look best with lights of one color.

Strings of pop corn, tinsel, and fake snow all give your tree added cache. There is an aspect of realism, with the artificial ornaments shining in between.


There are many famous places, such as the White House, that have special Christmas trees every year. Also, large department stores, community centers, and important buildings around the world make a special effort at Christmas to have a spectacular tree almost as a tourist attraction. Some other famous trees are the National Tree which is traditionally a living tree, The Rockefeller Center Tree, in New York; the lighting ceremony is on television every year.



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