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Christmas Yard Art Makes the Yard Shine

One of the best things about Christmas decorations are the massive displays in people’s front yards. It is so much fun to drive around the neighborhood and see all the different decorations. Some are just lights, some are life sized figures of the nativity scene or Santa Clause and some are funny tableaus of snowmen and elves. Christmas yard art even inspires competition among houses and in some avenues every house is amazing. They charge by the car to cruise past and gawk with the proceeds going to charity.


Lights are one of the most popular and most beautiful Christmas yard art. From the simple string of colored lights that outline your roof or garden to the amazing lighted nativity scenes that look real, lights make the best display. There are places online where you can get every Christmas motif from snowmen to icicles done in lights just ready to put in your yard and plug in.  Just remember not to overload your electrical outlets. One tip, straight strings of lights look best of level roofs while icicle lights look good on slanted roofs.


There are 3D candy canes and spiral Christmas trees, carolers and ice skaters, reindeer and piles of gifts all in lights. There are even animated lights that give the appearance that the character is moving, for example, a penguin snowball fight, or gingerbread men on a see-saw, a snowman juggling, Santa with a truck full of presents and an elf loading a sleigh. Lights that depict angels and the nativity scene are also popular. There are lights on stakes that define pathways and borders and make you yard look like a winter wonderland. Any Christmas yard art needs lights to bring it alive.


Painted wooden boards that have stands and spikes that go into the lawn are also popular Christmas yard art. There are beautifully rendered figures from the past that look 3D in your yard and create an old fashioned Christmas atmosphere. They are life sized and combined with a careful use of illumination they are a wonder. The nativity scene comes to life when it is presented so realistically through painted wooden boards. It looks like real figures on your lawn and only close inspection proves they are just paintings. The same wooden boards are also available popular Christmas motifs, such as, snowmen, reindeer, elves and Santa. Even your favorite cartoon characters are available getting ready for Christmas, for example, Donald Duck is preparing a tree and Daisy is baking gingerbread men.


Illuminated snowflakes and stars are very simple Christmas yard art but look beautiful during the day and night and send the message to everyone passing by that you too celebrate the season. You need not think you have to be the best on the street to join in the fun. Just being simple and tasteful is also in the right spirit. Even if you only have a small balcony or front porch you can get good ideas for decorating online. Once your yard is ready for all to see, you need to remember to turn on the lights.

This article was published on Friday 30 October, 2009.

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