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St. Christopher Medals Are for Travelers

St. Christopher was a martyr of the 3rd Century.  Little is known for certain about his life or death, but one of the legends has it that he accepted the task given to him by a hermit of carrying people across a raging stream.  One of the people he is said to have carried was the Christ child himself who grew heavier and heavier as he was carrying him.  To prove who he was, Christ placed his staff in the ground and it apparently had grown into a fruit tree by the next day.  For centuries people have worn or carried a St. Christopher medal and he is known as the patron saint of travellers, mariners, ferrymen and athletes.  The image that is used is often that of St. Christopher bearing a staff with the Christ child on his shoulders.

Statues of St. Christopher have adorned the entranceway of many churches.  It is common practice in many countries to have a St. Christopher medal or visor clip in the car as it is said to bring safe passage to all who are in the car and to ensure that they will not die in an accident.  Many people, including many famous people such as Ringo Starr, wear medallions of St. Christopher and there is a famous story about Ringo’s medal being stolen and then returned to him in New York. In 1969 St. Christopher was downgraded slightly to a legend by the Pope because of the lack of history about him and his feast day is no longer honoured but he is still a very popular saint and his feast day is celebrated in local churches.  

Even for people who are not religious, St. Christopher medals are also popular and the analogy made is that life is a journey which is travelled and crossed.  The medals are available in many different materials, including precious metals as well as made out of various stones.  Sometimes the medal has a prayer on the back or an inscription on the front around the image on the St. Christopher medal.

You can buy a St. Christopher medal almost anywhere, including in open air markets.  It makes a great gift for anyone, and especially someone embarking on a journey.  There are also many online merchants who offer St. Christopher medals in anything from 14 karat gold, to sterling silver and pewter.  You can also buy the medal individually to either add to a chain and wear around the neck and to carry in your pocket.

If you are searching for a St. Christopher medal, the internet is always a good place to start.  You will find popular and vintage medals available.  Virtually all online merchants provide a picture of their merchandise as well as detailed descriptions of their items.  Shopping online is a very convenient way to shop as you can do so at any time that is convenient to you.  Many online suppliers also do their sourcing worldwide so it is very possible to find a medal that is quite unique that will be treasured and bring safe passage for a long time.


This article was published on Monday 15 February, 2010.

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