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Church Statues
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 Church statues for your home add grace, beauty and in come cases fun for your family and friends. There are many types of statues you can choose from, some are very lifelike and some look like ancient copper or other metals that give a rustic look for your garden or a courtyard in a church or other building. Some statues are more appreciated by Catholics, but some are simply beautiful, and look good in anyone’s garden.


The most popular church statues are Jesus, the Virgin Mary, St. Michael, St. Francis and St. Joseph. These are available online, made out of resin, plaster, wood and stone. Some are made out of alabaster and are imported from Italy. In the early days of the church the common people couldn’t read the Bible and statues were a realistic and inspiring way for them to visualize the stories and saints. It was like actually having the angels near and a constant reminder of their faith. Each statue was made with all the symbols relating to their power or sacrifice so the viewer could understand the meaning as well as the beauty.


Today, we have books, movies and even cartoons to bring the religious stories alive, but church statues have not lost their power. A life size statue in a garden looks alive and attracts the heart, even if for only a moment. It is something you family and friends will see everyday and have the deep thought of their faith. Statues of St. Francis of Assisi, looking humble and poor, patron saint of animals reminds everyone of the need to care for the earth. St. Joseph is the patron saint of fathers and families as well and working men. His statue is said to bless a home even if the home is up for sale and needs a buyer quickly. St. Michael, possibly the most awesome display, symbolizes the power of good over evil, no wonder he is the patron of law enforcers.


There are cute church statues just to attract children to the stories and faith of Christianity. Jesus sports statues where Jesus is playing football, soccer, golf, baseball, track, basketball and other sports with children of today. There are plaques that say ‘Jesus is my coach’ and remind children from where they get their strength. For small children there are cute angel statues and childlike figures of the nativity that seem like toys but are so much more.


Church statues come in all sizes for any place, from a life size Jesus in your garden to a small Jesus on you desk at work. They look good on your front porch as well as on bookshelves or in glass fronted cabinets or even on the widow above the sink in the kitchen. In Rhode Island a 25 foot, 4,000 pound of Jesus is looking for a home. For Catholics, it’s very inspirational and should be somewhere lots of people can see it every day. There are many life size statues, mane of fiberglass in an eight stage process that will last outside for years.

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