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The History Of The Christmas Tree

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The Christmas is not only recognized by almost everybody as a symbol of not only the holiday that lands on the 25th of December, Christmas, but also recognized as a symbol of winter. Even non religious people whom do not attend church or even really have any religious beliefs still tend to set up a Christmas tree and celebrate the great gift giving experience that millions of people celebrate every year on the 25th of December.

A Christmas tree is traditionally set up around the holiday of Thanksgiving but ever house hold will have their own tradition. For instance some cultures will not set up their Christmas trees until Christmas eve the day before the gift giving tradition takes place. A Christmas tree is traditionally put up for the younger kids to represent a place where a pudgy man in a red suit will come on the night of Christmas Eve with a sleigh and reindeer and place gifts under the Christmas tree. 

There are two types of Christmas trees. There are artificial Christmas trees which can be put up and then taken back down and stored away and used the next year and the next year after that and so on. Or you can go with a real evergreen tree that would be chopped down and will bring a fresh smell of a live every green in your house. The difference with the real evergreen is it tends to be messier and will have to be taken down then thrown away after Christmas because it will not live long enough. All though with the extra work many people still feel that a real Christmas tree is the only way to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas trees are generally decorated with Christmas lights that will light up the room, also, ornaments that represent the coming of Santa Clause and the birth of Jesus and topped off with a Christmas tree star that sits at the very top of the tree. There are no rules when decorated your Christmas tree, tinsel and pop corn on strings are among just a few decoration that people have been known to use.

The Christmas tree is believed to have taken on its tradition in the early 19th century.  The main reason for its come about and stayed popularity among many different counties and many different cultural is its link to the long told story of the Santa Clause. Even though the real reason for the holiday was started to celebrate the birth of Christ many people celebrate it as a good reason for family to come together and socialize, eat good food and give gifts. And the Christmas tree is one of many decoration that not only represent December 25th but also known to represent many other holidays that come right around this time of year that tends to bring family and friends together. The Christmas tree can not only be found in the houses of families celebrating the holidays but also in places all over the world for recognizing the upcoming holidays and the togetherness it brings.


This article was published on Tuesday 29 September, 2009.

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