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The History of the Pilgrims

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As thanksgiving approaches families get together and eat a big meal to give thanks to the first people that made it to America and started up a colony that soon turned in to the land of the free. These people called the Pilgrims set voyage on Sept 16 1620 from the Far East to cross the Atlantic Ocean and step foot on American soil.

The pilgrims were mostly poor, uneducated farmers who started out moving around from country to country because of religious beliefs.  Originally living in England they did not see the reformation in the Church of England that they wanted to see, so they broke away. The pilgrims eventually found their selves in Amsterdam and a year later moved again to Leiden, Holland where they would spend the next 12 years enjoying religious freedom. But through the years economy problems left them broke and unable to find jobs. Together as a team they decided they wanted to go seek out a new place to live in America.

The pilgrims still had a big problem; with no money they would not be able to buy a ship. They turned to a London iron merchant named Thomas Weston who came up with a financial agreement for the pilgrims. The 180-ton Mayflower would soon be purchased and ready to set sea with 102 pilgrims on it. The pilgrims set sea with hope to reach Virginia but would fall off the path and on November 21, 1620 the pilgrims would make their first land fall. They were headed to Virginia to be part of England still where they would still follow the same laws and rules set up by England. But since they first anchored at Provincetown and with no legal right to be there they decided to come up with the Mayflower Compact which would be their new government.

After weeks of looking to find a place to settle in the pilgrims finally came upon a place called Plymouth on December 26, 1620 and this is where they decided to settle. After a bad winter half of the group of pilgrims ended up dying. The pilgrims just didn’t die because of the brutal winter but more so because of the lack of sources that they had to get them through the winter. When spring came they still experienced the same problem. That problem was that they were going to be helped by the England government but since they did not know where the pilgrims were at that was impossible. But through the next several months the pilgrims worked hard and were able to establish their government and establish some order. They were also able to find ways to have food and better structured shelters that would help them get through the winter.

From that point on the pilgrims built the stepping stone to what we call the land of the free. And each Thanksgiving we take time away from are busy life’s to reflect and celebrate their courage that gave us all the great things we have today.

This article was published on Monday 05 October, 2009.

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