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Who is The Holy Family

Jesus is the origin and focal point of the Christian religion. His mother, Mary and step-father, as Joseph is called in the Catholic Church, are the Holy Family because Jesus is considered the Son of God. Christians believe that the Messiah, the king of the Jews, was born to a young girl who was a virgin. This was to usher in a period of global peace. Joseph, her betrothed, knew the child wasn’t his but protected her from censure and death by stoning and raised the child as his own.


Mary was told by the angel Gabriel, the Annunciation, that she would have a child who is the Son of God. This is supposed to have happened in March and is celebrated on the 25th. Nine months later is the birth of this child. The worship of Mary as the mother of Jesus is a very important part of the Catholic Church. She is said to have gone bodily to heaven, the Assumption, because she was born without original sin and lived a sinless life. Of the Holy Family, Mary is the second most important.


Even though he was not the biological father of Jesus, Joseph was considered the head of the Holy Family and acted as Jesus’ foster father. Jesus was referred to as the son of Joseph or the son of a carpenter, which was Joseph’s trade. He took Jesus and Mary to Jerusalem when Jesus was twelve years old but there in no mention of him after that in the Gospels. Christian tradition says Mary was a widow during Jesus’ adult life. Joseph is said to have died a happy death because he died in Mary and Jesus’ arms. He was told in a dream by an angel of the Lord to take Mary as his wife and name the first son Jesus, which is assuming legal paternity. He is told in another dream to take Jesus and Mary to Egypt because Herod the Great planned to kill Jesus. He performs all of these instructions faithfully because he knows Jesus is not an ordinary person. He fulfils the duties of fatherhood and is made a saint because of his loyalty and faith. The Holy Family is complete.


As a Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph are mainly seen in art during the nativity of Jesus. They came to Bethlehem looking for an inn or home where Mary could deliver her baby. There was no room anywhere so they took refuge in a stable or barn. The three are depicted with a manger between them. Infant Jesus is in the manger or crèche. In this scene there are usually angels, shepherds, sheep and one donkey tied outside. The three kings from the Orient are also sometimes shown bearing gifts for the newborn, who they know is not ordinary.

The Holy Family symbolizes many aspects of Christianity such as, The Son of God, sent by God to bring peace on earth, the embodiment of sinlessness and the perfect example of faith and sacrifice.





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This article was published on Tuesday 24 November, 2009.

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