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Irish Communion Veils Bonds Tradition

First communion is a very special time and a significant event for Catholic girls.  It is at this time that they take part for the first time in the Sacrament of the Eucharist at about age seven or eight, after much studying and preparation.  Most families these days like to celebrate the first communion and girls often wear clothing, much like a bride, that includes fancy white dresses, veils, shoes and gloves.  Irish communion veils are often chosen as they are beautifully made and include symbols such as the clover leaf or shamrock in their design.

It is said that the Irish shamrock represents the Trinity, one of the most revered and important symbols in Christianity, as it represents the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.  In more pagan terms, it is now universally accepted to mean good luck.  Irish communion veils are usually made of gossamer like materials with shamrocks and sometimes pearls embroidered onto the veil.  They are usually worn with either satin headbands or held in place by tiaras, which can also sport Irish catholic symbols such as the claddagh, which is two hands holding a heart, or the Irish Trinity cross symbol.

Although there is nothing in catholic scriptures at present that says that girls must cover their head in church, many girls wear veils out of respect.  As is the gown, the veil is usually white symbolizing purity and innocence.  It usually covers the back of the head and drapes down the back of the communion dress.  In many families communion veils and dresses are passed down from generation to generation.  Oftentimes in the past Irish communion veils were made by hand with loving care.

These days, Irish communion veils are still sometimes made by hand.  They are more often, however, machine embroidered although they are as beautiful and well made as always.  If you would like to purchase Irish veils, they are available in some of the finer department stores and they are also readily available through online merchants on the internet.  Most online merchants have very good pictures available of their merchandise.  Most of them also offer secure checkout facilities and have good delivery times to virtually anywhere in the world.  Prices are also very competitive and you may well find something that is absolutely perfect for your little girl to wear on this special day.

First communion is indeed a special time.  By purchasing an Irish communion veils you are giving your daughter a great gift that she will cherish for a long time and may even pass on to her children and will be able to continue this great catholic family tradition.  She will also look gorgeous if you are planning on arranging for a session with a professional photographer for her first communion and she will also cherish this photograph, as you will.  The richness and quality of the Irish veils is unsurpassed, and the tiny shamrocks will open a whole world of mysteries, as she embarks on her Catholic life.


This article was published on Saturday 09 January, 2010.

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