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John Vianney Statue

Jean-Baptist-Marie Vianney, May 8, 1786 – August 4, 1859 was the third child of six, born to a very faithful Catholic family who was destined to become St. John Vianney. During the French Revolution his family continued to attend Mass in secret and this had a profound effect on him. The fear of being found out strengthened the desire for the religious life. He was a secret Catholic until his confirmation.


When the Catholic church was re-established in 1802 the future St. John Vianney wanted an education beyond the farm, so he was sent to a presbytery-school and taught math, history, geography and Latin by Father Balley. It wasn’t easy for him, but he worked very hard because he wanted to be a priest. He was drafted by Napoleon, in the war against Spain, but fell ill and was not able to march with his group. Someone told him they would help him catch up, but actually led him into the mountains to a community of deserters. He started a village school there and often had to hide from the police looking for deserters. When they were all given amnesty, he returned to Father Balley and resumed his studies. He attended seminary and on August 12, 1815 became a priest.


As the cure of Ars, he realized that due to the revolution and the destruction of the Catholic Church there was a lot of ignorance of religion among the people. He spent long hours in the confessional giving absolution to those who would follow the Catholic path. By 1827 people were coming from far away places to confess to him and by 1855 there were twenty thousand a year. He died on August 4, 1859 at 73 years of age and many miracles were attributed to him including healing the sick, especially children. It was also reported that he had an uncanny knowledge of the past and future. He was canonized in 1925 and St. John Vianney was made the patron saint of priests in 1929.


As the Cure d’Ars, St. John Vianney affected thousands of people with his sincere love God, common sense, soft voice and remarkable insight. His instructions to the people who sought absolution from him were full of the love of God which he was able to bring alive to those listening.


Only someone who lived the exemplary life of a priest and fulfilled his duties with devotion to God and love for his people could eventually become the patron saint of priests. Because he had to fight for his faith in secret and then educate a generation of children who never learned the value of a higher life, the true meaning of his religion became his life breath. He always longed for the secluded life of a monk, but his parishioners needed his healing touch on their souls, so he never succeeded in escaping to the forest. St. John Vianney is a worthy example of the best in the Catholic Church and had a miraculous impact on the spirituality of his community and the surrounding areas.


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This article was published on Saturday 31 October, 2009.

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