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St. Joseph Builds Home For Savior

Joseph, of the House of David, was the husband of Mary the mother of Jesus. Most Christians do not consider him the father of Jesus because of the Immaculate Conception of the Son of God. However, Joseph is considered a saint by the Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican and the Lutheran churches. He is the patron saint of fathers and families as will as carpenters, and all working men. St. Joseph is also the patron of a ‘happy death’ because he is believed to have died in the arms of Jesus and Mary.


The main attribute of St. Joseph is that he was a righteous man. It is believed that he knew he wasn’t the father of Mary’s baby but, married her anyway to protect her from the scorn of society. When he learned that her child was special he took up the protection of the family, including fleeing to Egypt, putting aside everything he owned. Because of this, he is the patron saint of fathers and families and prayed to by men who want the same strength to protect and keep children and wives.


St. Joseph the worker was a carpenter by trade. He is the patron saint of real estate and architects. It is considered a blessing for a house to have a statue of him in the garden or inside the house. Some think that if you are trying to sell your house, a statue of him near the mail box will guarantee a sale. Two days are celebrated for this saint. May 1st is the day celebrated for the worker Joseph and March 19th   is celebrated for the husband of Mary.


This foster father of Jesus is thought to have a special connection with God. St. Joseph was allowed to be the father of God and the husband of Mary, so he must be a very pure soul and very close to God. For this reason he is invoked to give aid in reaching God. As a child, Jesus had to learn like any other child. Knowing Jesus was the Son of God, Joseph taught Jesus life’s lessons including reading and writing. He taught manners and human relationships and he taught Jesus his prayers. This is an amazing role for anyone, no wonder Joseph is worshiped.


The humility of St. Joseph is another great quality for which he is worshiped. He knew he was lower than Mary or Jesus but not only did not mind, but cared for and protected them until his death. Humility is the virtue that keeps a person from an egotistical desire for personal greatness and lets them recognize true greatness. He was also obedient to God. This is not easy because ones own likes and dislikes must not interfere. For these and many other qualities, people wear a saint medal for Joseph in the hopes that the true love of God he had will also become part of their lives. He obeyed because he was always closely connected with God, not because he was ordered to.

This article was published on Saturday 31 October, 2009.

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