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Mens Wood Celtic Rosary – For Those With An Irish Bent

Rosary beads started out as lengths of ropes with knots in them to help people remember their prayers.  These days, rosary beads are used for this purpose.  They are available in many different lengths and often incorporate a length of smaller beads separated by larger beads marking the different mysteries or decades.  A mens wood Celtic rosary is also available, incorporating special Celtic symbols.

One of the things that make mens wood Celtic rosary beads different from other rosaries is that the beads are usually a little larger, being easier for men with larger hands to handle.  These rosaries beads often come in different lengths or decades, where each decade, separated by a larger bead, usually has ten beads.  The wood that the beads are available in can be coloured black or brown, and is occasionally available in the Irish green, symbolic of the Irish Shamrock, which to lay people brings good luck.  The shamrock is also said to symbolize the Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Often, cocoa wood is used for these beads as it carves well and is very durable but many other woods are also available.  The beads are usually connected together with chain link, which is available in sterling silver, gold plated, or other metals.

Another thing that distinguishes mens wood Celtic rosary beads are the symbols used on the medal which is on one end of the string of beads, as well as the crucifix on the other end.  The symbols that are used are often the medal of Mary the Miraculous, as well as traditional Irish symbols such as St. Patrick and the Lady of Knock.  St. Patrick is well known as a patron saint that is known for the evangelization and founding of Catholicism in Ireland sometime around 400AD.  The Lady of Knock was someone who received an apparition in which the Holy family appeared before her in Knock, Ireland in 1879.

Mens wood Celtic rosary beads are also usually characterized by the use of the Celtic cross which is quite different than the usual crucifixes.  It has a stylized cross on a circle, often with Christ in the middle.  The use of the Celtic cross is common in Ireland and it is believed that it was also introduced by St. Patrick around 400 AD.  Although the original Celtic cross was quite plain – a simple cross intersected by a circle, many of the contemporary renditions are very intricate and stylized with the cross itself as well as the circle being very intricately carved and ornate.

When you are looking for mens wood Celtic rosary beads, you will find them readily available through religious outlets and through online merchants on the internet.  You will have a vast choice available on the internet at all different price ranges.  You will be able to find suppliers that offer genuine Irish articles, as well as reproduction pieces.  The Celtic rosary beads are indeed items to cherish, especially if you are purchasing a gift for someone with Irish heritage, or someone who has a fascination with history and Celtic symbols.  Even if the symbols do not have any personal meaning, they are beautiful to behold and a joy to receive.

This article was published on Wednesday 10 February, 2010.

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