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Religious Garden Decorations Help build a Strong Prayer Garden

Gardening has seen a surge in popularity in recent years because of concerns about economic uncertainty, rising prices and the desire for organic and locally grown foods.  People are also showing an increased interest in flower gardening as well.  Religious garden decorations are an added way to beautify garden spaces, and they are readily available these days in a wide choice of subjects, materials and sizes.

When choosing religious garden decorations you will have a lot of choices.  There are different sizes of statues available in many different materials.  For example, you may want one or several smaller statues based on a certain theme that you can place in different areas of your garden or perhaps you would prefer a bolder statement like a life size statue.  Depending on the climate you live in, you may want to choose the material carefully.  If you live in a climate that receives below-freezing temperatures you will need to choose something that can withstand freeze thaw cycles and extreme cold that you won’t have to move indoors for the winter, especially if you are choosing a large statue

The materials you will be able to choose from for religious garden decorations include concrete, concrete and stone aggregates, marble and resin as well as statues carved out of stone and ceramic structures and even brass.  You may also find statues made out of other materials available. The most durable materials for colder climates are resins and stone, as well as concrete and bronze, although these can be quite heavy.  Painted religious garden decorations are also available as well as statues that incorporate a water feature as well as sometimes clocks and things.

When choosing a subject for your religious garden decorations, you will be able to choose from angels, saints, the Virgin Mary and other images.  Your choice will depend entirely on you.  You may want for example, to choose a saint that will bless your garden and help to make it grow, or perhaps you have a penchant for cherubs or angels, or maybe even you would like your namesake saint.  You will also want to give some thought to where you will place your statue.  Perhaps you have a spot that you can also see from inside your house so that you can enjoy your statue year round and while sipping a meditative cup of tea or your favourite beverage.

When you are ready to order your religious garden decorations, you will find them readily available through garden supply stores as well as through online merchants on the internet.  If you decide to order online, you will have to give some thought to the weight and size of your statue and the material that you choose.  Obviously statues made out of concrete and stone are better sourced locally as shipping for these items would be very expensive and may even require special equipment, especially if you are looking for a life size statue.  On the other hand, many merchants offer statues that are made out of resin and light materials and shipping can easily be arranged for these items.


This article was published on Wednesday 10 February, 2010.

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