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Rosary beads are an interesting item in the Catholic religion that are also found in many other religions in a similar form.  It is said that their use began in the 4th century when rope with knots was used to help people who couldn’t read keep track of the number of prayers recitations that they had done.  This was done by moving the hands along the rope and counting the knots, so that a prayer was recited each time the person came upon a knot.  The idea was also to make the counting of the prayers an automated process so that people could meditate while reciting their prayers.  Rosary gifts are quite commonly given to practitioners of the Catholic faith.

Over time, rosary beads, which are sometimes referred to as prayer beads, eventually started taking a form closer to what we know today, being made of beads strung together either on a string or linked together by a chain.  These beads can be made of glass or crystal, wood, bone as well as precious gems.  Sometimes the beads themselves have special significance if they come from blessed areas.  Often times the beads are strung together in sets of 10 divided by a larger bead, which signifies a different meditation.  There are often crucifixes and crosses at the centre.  Although the beads can also be found in the form of rings or bracelets, a string of beads similar to a necklace are by far the most common form in which they are found and these forms all popular rosary gifts.

One of the interesting things about beads given as rosary gifts is that they cannot be worn as jewellery as this is thought to be irreverent and this is especially true with respect to wearing the beads around the neck.  Although some people, especially in recent years, have taken to doing this, most of these people are not catholic.  This was popularized a few years ago by a celebrity singer who will remain unnamed.  It is usually considered acceptable to wear the beads as a belt or bracelet or to carry them in a pocket or purse.

There are some interesting times in history when rosary beads were worn around the neck by saints as a way to keep devils away.  One of the important reasons for not wearing the beads around the neck is also because of the persecution of Catholics at various times in history and wearing the beads would have been a public declaration of allegiance leading to not very nice consequences.  Rosary gifts however have always been made even if only in private.

Many people like to give rosary gifts.  Sometimes the strings of rosary beads are even handmade and these often have special significance for the recipient.  The beads are a great reminder of people’s faith and of the person who gave them as a gift.  They make wonderful gifts for clergy members, as well as members of the family, especially children to make their milestones such as first communion and at Christmas.  They are also wonderful gifts for people who are facing a challenge in their life such as illness.  The beads often come in a pouch and sometimes even a case which can be personally engraved.

This article was published on Tuesday 24 November, 2009.

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