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Snowman Decorations Reminds Us of Christmas

A statue that represents a person, usually with three balls of rolled snow piled on top of each other with a carrot nose, coal eyes and a scarf tied around its “neck”, is a traditional snowman. Snowman decorations have been associated with Christmas for years, especially in the north where there is usually snow during the Christmas season. Even in the tropics where Christmas is celebrated, snowmen are made of other things, possibly Styrofoam, to look like snow and given sunglasses instead of woolen scarves.


Snowman decorations come in a huge variety of types, from soft toys for babies to life size plastic for the front yard. There are snowmen candles, tree ornaments, dolls, snow globes and many more. Snowmen are on Christmas stockings, cards, advertisement, clocks, bean bags and even postage stamps. In fact the snowman motif is on every possible Christmas decoration, wrapping paper and even Christmas jewelry. Part of the reason for this is because of a popular song that was made into a children’s book and cartoon. Frosty the Snowman, written by Walter Rollins and Steve Nelson and recorded by Gene Autry in 1950 was a big hit around the world. Frosty came alive and played with the children but had to go away before he melted. His happy personality seems to have infected every snowman since.


There are many different snowman decorations for outdoors. They have lights inside and outside. There are several together who look like they are caroling or playing ping pong on your front lawn. There are snowmen which have moveable parts and tip their black top hat to the people passing by. Companies who sell Christmas light shows for your yard or other buildings have snowmen juggling and doing other activities.


The best snowman decorations for any yard are real snowmen. If you have the snow, there is nothing better than a tableau of snowmen doing something. They could be making snowmen, or having a snowball fight or sitting by the pool with a cool drink. Snowmen have captured the affection of everyone because they always made with a smile on their faces and exist only to enhance the Christmas season. The largest snowman is a snow-woman in Maine. It is over 122 feet high.


Even if you don’t get snow at any time of the year you can make your own snowman decorations for your yard. You need three white garbage bags and filler, paint pens and clothing and a wooden pole stuck into the ground. Cut two of the bags into smaller sizes. Fill them with crumpled newspaper. You may need to put two bags together so the newsprint doesn’t show through. If you use Styrofoam peanuts you only need one bag per snow ball. When the bags are full and tied closed they can be put over the wooden pole one by one until they all three are on the pole. Then all you need to do is decide the clothing and paint the face. No one needs to be without a snowman for Christmas.

This article was published on Wednesday 18 November, 2009.

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