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Solar Bird Bath Technology is now

If you are considering getting a solar bird bath, your timing couldn’t be better.  Solar technologies have improved immensely over the last few years and the advances in technology have made these bird baths to be very reliable and durable.  Much better than having a stagnant water pool, as these raise concerns about the breeding of mosquitoes and various nasty viruses, most of the bird baths that are sold these days use a pump to keep the water circulating.  This is a great feature and you will love to sit near your bird bath to hear the water tinkling, and to watch the birds that are sure to flock to your garden.  Another advantage of a circulating bird bath is that birds are more able to see water that is circulating from a distance.

These days, solar bird baths are made of many materials.  One of the most common materials is resin as it is very durable, weatherproof and lightweight.  Resin can also be painted or made to look like various materials such as concrete or painted metal.  They are also available in metals, like copper which ages so wonderfully, as well as in ceramics.  Solar baths require no wiring, electricity or plumbing and so it is easy to place them anywhere in your garden as the only requirement is that they receive some sun during the day.  The way that they work is that a solar collector gathers energy form the sun and charges a battery, which in turn powers a pump that keeps the water circulating, much like a fountain.

Solar bird baths are available in many different styles these days.  There is always the traditional looking bird bath which is like a round basin and that usually has the water circulating through a cone of some sort in the centre.  This kind sometimes comes with different tiers. There are also bird baths that involve many levels of shallow pans that are spread out horizontally, and so the water passes from one to the other by gravity, with the bottom pool being recollected and being sent back up to the top.  These bird baths provide more soothing water sounds similar to a small waterfall or brook as there is more movement of water.

Sometimes solar bird baths are incorporated into a larger statue.  For example, a statue of a garden goddess who is holding a pan which is the birdbath.  Other times, they are combined with something like a frog that spews water out of his mouth into a larger basin where the water is collected and sent back to the frog.  No matter which style you choose, you are sure to be happy with these products as they add a wonderful touch to your garden and perform reliably.  One thing to keep in mind however is that you will have to check the water levels in the main basin as it will tend to evaporate especially on very hot days.  You will also need to empty the fountains if you live in a climate that receives below freezing temperatures in winter, and maybe even store the fountain inside to protect it.

Solar bird baths are available seasonally in garden centres and hardware and department stores.   They are also readily available on the internet through online merchants.  One of the advantages of the internet is that you can preview many products to find the one that is just perfect for you, without having to worry about the limitations of regular stores hours.  You are going to love your birdbath so much that who knows, you may even want to keep it in your living room!


This article was published on Saturday 09 January, 2010.

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