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Solar Fountain Adds Tranquilty to prayer garden

Gently splashing water can be one of the most soothing sounds. Small fountains for your garden can provide this; however, they are often expensive and need sophisticated pumps and electricity. Today, all you need is a spot of sunlight on a patio or in a garden and you can have a beautiful working fountain with almost no maintenance. Solar fountains are here and making a big difference in landscaping and home decoration.


First of all, solar fountains are inexpensive, depending on the design and type. So we can all consider having one if we have just the right place to put it, and they cost nothing to operate. No addition to your electricity bill. Also, you don’t need wires running around your garden or patio or outside plugs. Installation is easy, up keep minimal so there is no reason not to enjoy this lively addition to your home. If you already have a pond, there is a floating fountain that will oxygenate your water while it sails around the pond. Also, there are fountains that double as solar bird baths. With this huge variety you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.


Some solar fountains have the solar panel that collects solar energy on the fountain itself. Some have it separated where it charges an external battery so you can have the fountain inside your house, in an entryway or near several indoor plants, and the energy source is outside. You indoor fountain could also have solar light. Remember, depending of the strength of the sunlight, the water pressure will vary giving different tones to the splashing sound.


Solar fountains are made as a single piece, so it doesn’t open or have moving parts. There is the solar panel and the base on which the fountain sits. There is rarely leaking but if by chance there is, it isn’t dangerous because it is not connected to any electricity.

They are available is a variety of designs, from modern spheres and cubs to classical Italianate. Most of these fountains look like carved stone but there are also ceramic designs with descending sizes of pots and bowls. It is also possible to have a small solar heater included so the water never freezes in the winter. This is nice for any birds in the area and keeps your fountain splashing merrily all through the year.


To begin the enjoyment of your own garden fountain, just unwrap it and put it in direct sunlight and add the water. When you buy your fountain you can ask if a solution to keep out algae comes with it. If not, you can get some. You need to wipe the solar panels with a soft cloth regularly so they get enough sunlight. Solar fountains rarely need repair but if by chance it does, it will be much easier to fix than an electric pump.

And after the additional beauty in your home or garden there is the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

This article was published on Thursday 07 January, 2010.

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