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Stocking Stuffers make for great christmas

Stockings hung by the chimney with care in the hopes that they will be filled with lots of goodies by anybody! In olden days, stockings were filled with oranges, apples, sweets and maybe a small present or two. Today, technology is small and lends itself to be one of many stocking stuffers. Mini MP3 players, tiny digicams, multicolored iPods and all the things that go with them are just a few of the gifts that will fit inside even the smallest stocking. Some more high tech ideas are boom box speakers for your purse and ear bud clips and if you have purchased gift certificates, phone cards or movie passes the stocking is the perfect place for them.


Electronic items are for older children and young adults of all ages, but for the little ones who can’t sleep past 5 am on Christmas morning, a different type of diversion is needed. In the hope of getting one or two more hours of sleep, some parents let the children have the stockings when thy get up if they will wait until the parents get up for the presents under the tree. For this to work, the stocking stuffers need to be good. You can buy them all year and save them for the stocking at Christmas.


Some tips for arranging the gifts in the stocking. Put something special at the end, in the toe of the stocking. This will counter the let down feeling when the stocking is empty. Also, put something special, possibly unwrapped, on top so it is the first thing they see. Make sure you have several different shaped items so they will fit together in the stocking. You can always fill empty spaces with candy, gum and nuts. Wrap all your stocking stuffers. It looks good and takes time to unwrap.


For children inexpensive, useful and fun stocking stuffers are best. Stickers, stamp and pad, novelty candy, glitter pens, coloring books, glow jewelry, match box cars, tiny dolls or stuffed animals, action figures and many more. You can look at the toys in the drug store through out the year to find the perfect items. Older kids need something they can use, such as the electronic devises already mentioned, but also, beauty products, movie or concert tickets, phone card, jewelry they’ll actually wear and a gift certificate for clothes from a store they like.


Joke gifts are great fun for children and adults alike. There is ketchup, mustard and toothpaste tops that look like the ketchup etc. are coming out the nose or mouth of a cartoon character. There are LED lighted key chains that are actually useful in the bottom of a dark purse, as well as lighted bottle tops for the refrigerator. Also, Rubik’s cube pepper mill, Hello Kitty USB sticks, origami sticky notes and sterling silver jewelry that look like your favorite candy and all kinds of horrible sounding mints like garlic, bacon, curry and cotton candy.  Stocking stuffers should be small and fun and one or two can be really useful.



This article was published on Thursday 07 January, 2010.

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