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Twenty Reasons to Pray the Rosary

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There are many Rosary based prayers.  Almost every Catholic knows at least one.  Praying the  Rosary is commonplace.  But, most people don't fully understand the concept of what the Rosary signifies in prayer.


The most cherished and widely known prayer of the Rosary is simply called “The Holy Rosary”.  Each bead on a Rosary has a purpose.  As one prays the Rosary, they touch each bead.  The beads bring to remembrance the mysteries leading to redemption.


There are twenty mysteries that must be known to pray the Rosary.  There are four categories with five mysteries in each.  One category is prayed on the Rosary each day.  Three of the categories are prayed twice in one week.  The categories are:


l   The Five Glorious Mysteries

l  The Five Joyful Mysteries

l  The Five Sorrowful Mysteries

l  The Five Luminous Mysteries


The Five Glorious Mysteries are prayed on the Rosary on Sundays and Wednesdays.  They include:


l  The Resurrection – The heart's change

l  The Ascension – Looking forward to Heaven

l  The Coming of the Holy Ghost – Distribution of Spiritual Gifts

l  Assumption of Mary into Heaven – Devotion to the Blessed Mother

l  Coronation of Mary – Eternal bliss as Queen of Heaven and Earth


The second Five Mysteries are prayed on the Rosary on Monday and Saturday.  These are the Five Joyful Mysteries:


l  The Annunciation – Mary's humility at hearing the words from the Angel of God

l  The Visitation – Mary's visit to Elizabeth to offer her help as The Angel of God instructed her to

l  The birth of Jesus – The pauper birth in the stable

l  Jesus' Presentation – Obedience to God's laws and the heart's purity

l  The finding of Jesus in the temple when he was twelve – Devotion to God


The third five are the Sorrowful Mysteries.  These are prayed on the Rosary on Tuesday and Friday.  They consist of:


l  The Agony in the Garden – Jesus' feeling of man's guilt although sinless

l  Jesus' flagellation – Corporal shame and humiliation

l  The Crowning of Thorns – Mortification of everything within man that opposes God

l  Carrying the Cross – Dealing with burdens and continuing on

l  Jesus' Crucifixion and Death – Death to oneself


The first fifteen mysteries are prayed on the Rosary on two days of the week.  The last five are only once a week on Thursday.  They are the Five Luminous Mysteries:


l  The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan – The washing away of sin

l  The Wedding in Cana – The first miracle

l  The Proclamation of the Kingdom – The coming of the Messiah

l  The Transfiguration of Christ – Placing Jesus above Moses and Elijah

l  The Implementing of the Eucharist - “Do this in remembrance of Me”


These are the reasons every Christian should pray the Rosary daily.  Each bead brings to remembrance Our Lord and Savior's live, teachings, death, burial, and resurrection.  These twenty mysteries outline what the four Gospels proclaim.


Since the 1400's, the Rosary has taken on ever growing influence in the life of Catholics everywhere.  This is not the only prayer of the Rosary.  There are many others that are just as significant as the mysteries.  All of which should be understood by every Christian religion.  But, this one seems to be the most important because it helps a Christian to remember all the major points of Jesus' life.  I believe every  Christian should pray the Rosary.


This article was published on Tuesday 09 June, 2009.

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