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Wall Cross Decor A Proclaimation of Faith

Crosses have symbolized many things since humans started using religious symbols including unity among people. The Romans used the cross as a torture instrument and ever since Jesus was crucified on a cross, the cross has represented Christianity. Even the ancient Egyptian symbol of the ankh was adopted by the people when Christianity came to that country. In the same way the Celtic cross is a blend of the ancient traditions and Christianity. Today, wall cross décor is mainly used by Catholics to proclaim their faith.


There is a wall cross to match any home décor. They are beautifully designed and made in wrought iron, wood, pewter, stained glass, ceramic, beads and many more. There are Celtic crosses that look solid and rustic, delicate filigree that look light and airy, modern designs with sweeping lines and trefoil crosses straight from Europe. Wall cross décor is as varied as the people who want it. Online you can get one of a kind wall crosses perfect for a wedding gift or to welcome a new baby. Some have words from the bible engraved on them and some are so abstract they look more like a piece of art on your wall with just the slightest suggestion of religion.


Some examples of iron wall cross décor are; fish crosses made from tiny fish symbols, nail crosses made from welded ancient looking nails, sword crosses that almost look like a dagger, fleur de lys or trefoil crosses that look very European, a cross with the Davidic code and three crosses artfully welded together. Ceramic crosses are flat and colorful, perfect for babies or children in white, pastel pink and blue with ribbons on top and other colorful designs. Wooden wall crosses have more complicated designs. There are the same types of crosses but with inlay in different colored woods as well as very simple, rustic crosses for a family room or cabin in the woods.


Some wall crosses are for special occasions not for everyday wall cross décor. There are American flag crosses, wall crosses as the background for a fountain, purple and gold wall crosses expressing sisterly love and a lighted wall cross with a mirror and scenes from Jesus’ life on each end. There is a tiny ceramic wall cross that says ‘Jesus loves me’ and can fit in a small place as a daily reminder. You can make wall crosses yourself with papier-mâché, clay, wood or by bending wire. They can be just a beautiful as the ones for sale and a lot cheaper. 


As a gift, a wall cross continues to give the message of love and faith. If you know the colors and style in the home of a loved one, you can pick out the perfect gift. Wall cross décor need not be ostentatious. It will fit beautifully into a secret place as your special joy. However, if you want something large that makes a great statement of faith, there are many artistic, beautifully crafted crosses for the walls of your home.



This article was published on Tuesday 16 February, 2010.

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