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Wall Rosaries Popualr Home Decor Item

The Catholic Church follows a very particular belief structure within the Christian religion.  Perhaps the most significant characteristic of the Catholic Church is its regard of the Virgin Mary as a major figure of observance.  For this reason, wall rosaries are popular items among Catholic homes and, of course, churches.  Intended as a prayer aid to preserve your memory of the principal events and mysteries of salvation, Catholics use the beads to track the progression of their meditation.  In one pass of the rosary, a penitent will dwell on one of four sets of mysteries.  These are the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries.

These meditation tools are used in a very particular way, which follows a strict prayer chant structure based on three prayers:  The Lord’s Prayer, The Hail Mary, and Glory Be To The Father.  The cycle actually starts with another prayer, The Apostle’s Creed, and ends with Hail Holy Queen.  Each of the four sets is separated into five mysteries a piece, meaning that wall rosaries will see you dedicating a great deal of time to concentrated and focused prayer.  This, of course, is the point.

When observing wall rosaries, the sequence of prayers, is very important.  For instance you always start with a Sign of the Cross and the “Apostle’s Creed.”  Following this is the Lord’s Prayer and three “Hail Mary’s,” then concluding with the “Glory Be.”  This could be considered the warm-up as it prepares your mind and heart for meditation because after this, you begin recognizing each of the five mysteries.  Announce the first mystery and say another Lord’s Prayer, then one “Hail Mary” for each of the next ten beads.  After the tenth bead, you say another “Glory Be To The Father,” and begin the sequence again with another mystery and Lord’s Prayer, the ten “Hail Mary’s,” and so forth.  After completing all five mysteries, you close the prayer with “Hail, Holy Queen.”

Wall rosaries are not just prayer aids, but they are also beautiful works of art as well.  They can be made of simple plastics, but the more attractive and meaningful wants are usually made of wood or even crystal and sterling silver.  Any textile that can be shaped and molded can, and probably has been at least considered, as a base for rosary beads, or other Catholic artifacts like crucifixes or crosses.  Rosewood, olive wood, and jujube wood are common natural fibers that can be used to make these modern relics.

You can find wall rosaries in a variety of local specialty shops, but for the best selection, you should really look online.  Web-based retailers usually have a much broader variety of base materials and lengths to choose from, offering you a more efficient shopping experience.  With highly competitive prices, you may just convert all of your religious shopping needs to one online location.  Variable shipping options and occasional incentives can really sweeten the deal so don’t be afraid to ask questions and shop around.


This article was published on Thursday 04 March, 2010.

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