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 Inspirational Garden Bench  Inspirational Garden Bench
Gardening is a way of showing that you believe in tomorrow. This phrase is cut into the bench part This is perfect stone and resin mix that will nicely highlight your garden or yard. The bench is approximately 3 feet long. ...MORE
 $274.99  $218.62 
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1st Communion Gifts For Receiving the Eucharist
From 1st communion gifts to baptism blankets to patron saint medals, there are many occasions in the life of a Catholic that is great cause for celebration and therefore the giving of meaningful presents.  Aside from the typical holidays and birthdays, celebration of the sacraments is very i...MORE

About the Eucharistic Prayer
Click here for our full line of First Communion items There are many facets to the Eucharist prayer. But it is truly the heart of the church and something that should be explained to each child receiving their first communion. As we look at the prayer, we first must understand what Eu...MORE

Advent Calendars Rich History
To view our full line of Advent items click here Advent calendars originated in Germany, produced by Gerhard Lang. When he was a little boy, his mother used to attach candies to pieces of cardboard, and each day Gerhard would take one off to find his surprise. His first pri...MORE

Advent Candles and the Advent Wreath Traditions of Christmas
Advent candles are an important part of the Christmas season.  While many people do not necessarily fully understand the unique and mysterious history behind them, Christians fulfill their obligations by lighting these candles during the Christmas season according to traditi...MORE

Advent Candles Light the Nights
To view our full line of Advent Items click here The advent candles have a great history within the church history. They are in integral part of the advent  wreath and to focus on the season of Advent itself. The use of the Advent candle reaches back to the 8th century. The or...MORE

Advent Candles More Than Light
Click to view our full line of Advent Items The candles that make up the advent wreath hold a special symbolism. In their color, their composition and just the sheer act of lighting the candle of advent wreath breaths a air of hope into each of the nights that make up the season of Ad...MORE

Advent Keeps Focus on Christmas
  To view our full line of Advent items click here   Christmas is a one of the most Holy Days of the year, however because of the introduction of gift giving the customs of Christmas have become overshadowed with materialism forgetting about the true meaning of th...MORE

Advent Traditon Helps Ground the Family
Click to view our full line of Advent Items If you ask any Catholic, they will tell you the season of Advent is a period of penance and preparing their heart for the coming of the Baby Jesus. But although not part of the Holy See’s opinion on Advent, the advent wreath, advent se...MORE

Advent Wreath
Click to view our full line of Advent Wreaths When it comes to Christmas people put recognizable Christmas decoration and religious symbols up each year. Some decorations are very religious and spiritual and some are just meant to send out a good vibe for the holidays. One ...MORE

Advent Wreath And Calendars Have Deep German Roots
Click to view our full collection of Advent Wreaths and Calenders   Through the ages, the history and possible the actually origin of the Advent Season and the advent wreath has been hard to pinpoint but Germany seems to always come into the discussion as a country that shape...MORE

Advent Wreath and Candles
  To view all of our Advent Items click here.   The word Advent wreath has its roots in the Latin word “ adventus”, which means, ”coming”. Here this word in the biblical sense means, time to prepare for the occasion of Christmas. This is also ...MORE

Advent Wreath Lights Long Winter Night
Click to view our full line of Advent Items Here are many stirring symbols of faith displayed during the Christmas season - of the most celebrated among them is the beautiful traditional Advent wreath. The Advent wreath represents beauty and hope to many spiritual people around the wo...MORE

Advent Wreath Lights Way to Messiah
Click to view our full line of Advent Items Beyond the circle of garland Advent wreaths have really step out in the modern time being made from sterling silver and sometimes pewter. But despite all the different materials that are now used to make Advent wreaths,  from the beginn...MORE

Advent Wreath Myths
To view our full line of Advent Items, Click here Advent wreaths actually originated back in ancient Roman times. Many people mistakenly believe that Martin Luther invented the Advent wreath, as he used it to educate Christians, which popularized it among households. Mar...MORE

Advent Wreath Packed with Symbols
Click here for our full line of Advent Wreaths Whether you are talking about the use of the evergreen wreath as a holder of candles to light the long December nights or the Wheel that Scandinavians used to hold candles as they prayed to the god of light to turn the wheel of the earth bac...MORE

Advent Wreath: One of Christianity’s Christmas Traditions
The Advent wreath, otherwise known as the Advent crown, is one of the symbols of the Christian season of Advent, which is a season in the liturgical calendar that takes place four weeks before Christmas.  It is a popular gift among celebrants of the Western church during thi...MORE

Advent Wreaths anticipate Christs birth
Advent is the four weeks before Christmas when Christians anticipate the birth of Jesus. In an Advent wreath there are four or five candles on a horizontal wreath, one being lit each week until Christmas where the fifth one is lit on Christmas Eve after sunset. Purple is the color of Advent symbo...MORE

Advent Wreaths in the Celtic Tradition
A Celtic Advent Wreath may be one that uses tradition advent candles or some use dark and light green tapers in place of the purple and pink. The Celtic Advent and the Easter Orthodox Advent or Nativity fast last for 40 days and starts mid November but most Advent wreaths have a maximum of 5 candles...MORE

Amethyst Birthstone Rosary, February
Amethyst Birthstone Rosary, February[am-7372] $14.95 Click to enlarge  Click to enlarge Click to enlarge This rosary, of amethyst aurora glass beads is 18in. long. The rosary is made in the United States and the crucifix is made in Italy....MORE

Amethyst Birthstone Rosary, June
Amethyst Birthstone Rosary, June[7376] $12.95  Click to enlarge This rosary, of alexandrite (light amethyst)-colored aurora glass beads is 18in. long. The rosary is made in the United States and the crucifix is made in Italy....MORE

Amethyst Glass Bead Rosary
Amethyst Glass Bead Rosary[7018] $29.95 Click to enlarge This beautiful rosary has 6mm purple glass beads and an ornate crucifix (1 5/8 in x 1 in). Comes in a deluxe gift box....MORE

Angel Statue Serve as God's Messenger
Angels, as benevolent airy beings, are in almost all religions in some form. In the Christian religion they are messengers from God and can intercede in human life for the better. There are four main angels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel. People consider some angels as departed loved ones wh...MORE

Angel Statues help to Inspire
Angels are the messengers from God to help mortals on earth have a better life. Just thinking that there is a guardian angel watching over you gives you as sense of peace and comfort. Sometimes angels represent loved ones who have departed and are watching us from heaven, intervening in our lives...MORE

April Birthstone Rosary Bracelet
April Birthstone Rosary Bracelet[am7386] $24.99 Click to enlarge Click to enlarge This crystal birthstone rosary bracelet is one deacade and has a cross and a miraculous medal attached to it. Bracelet measures 6 3/4in. A perfect birthday gift!...MORE

Baby Christmas Gift Ideas For The First Few Years
One of the best things about having a new baby is getting to celebrate special occasions, and coming up with baby Christmas gift ideas, for example.  Everyone loves to shop for babies, not necessarily because babies appreciate their gifts with obvious, conscious and outward ...MORE

Baby Christmas Gifts: Speak from the Heart
Christmas is an important time to celebrate and give gifts, which is why baby Christmas gifts are an important part of the celebration for children. Everyone understands the importance of a baby’s first Christmas and any Christmas after that. Choosing gifts that speak from ...MORE

baby gifts
There are two kinds of gifts you can give to a new baby; something that will please the parents and something that will please the baby. Both kinds of baby gifts are welcome and you might consider choosing one of each. Parents need all the help they can get, even if it isn’t their first...MORE

Baby Memorial Figurine Is A Wonderful Gift
A baby memorial figurine is a very touchy subject for some because these gifts are only given when a child has died. These figurines normally hold scripture on them so that the parents who lost their child can have faith still in God without questioning his motives. The death of a child is extrem...MORE

Baptism Cross is a great gift idea
Baptism is the immersing in water or washing with water a person by a designated official, as a symbol of entering the particular Christian church where the baptism was performed. It is considered a rite of passage for Catholics and is a very important occasion. There are special crosses, usually...MORE

Baptism Gift Idea: Be Creative
Coming up with the perfect baptism gift idea can be a challenge, particularly if you are not very good at picking out gifts regardless of the situation or event. Choosing can be a challenge for anyone. The key is to try to be as creative as possible and to not worry as much. Often time...MORE

Baptism Gift Ideas That Matter
Baptism gift ideas are very important as they are given during one of the most important events in the life of a Catholic.  It is a rite of passage that celebrates one of the Sacraments, an important component of developing a strong relationship with God.  Basically, it...MORE

Baptism gifts
As a public declaration of faith, a baptism is an important landmark in a person’s life, no matter what his or her age. It is traditional to give a gift to the person baptized, usually a keepsake, to commemorate the occasion. There is a large selection of suitable baptism gifts online t...MORE

Baptism Gifts
Click here for our full line of Baptism Gifts A baptism or christening is an important religious ceremony in Christianity in which holy water is sprinkled on the child or an adult, in order her or she, becomes a member of the Christian community. This is an important occasion and spec...MORE

Baptism Gifts Last a Lifetime
Click here to view our full line of Baptism gifts Baptism is an initiation, usually for children and babies, into the Christian religion. Different sects have different rituals, but they all involve water and are essential for membership in the church that administers the baptism. The ef...MORE

Buying that Baby Gift New
 Buying a baby gift new is usually your first thought when it comes to choosing a present for a child in your life. Not many individuals will rely on used items because they do not know where they have been. It is a good idea to buy new items for a child or at least make your gift by han...MORE

Catholic Baptism Gifts: Gift Ideas
Are you in need of catholic baptism gifts but feel a little lost at what to buy? You do not have to stress or worry too much. When it comes to baptism gifts there are many options to choose from. You may be surprised to discover what gifts work great when you ordinarily would not have ...MORE

Catholic Christening Gifts: What Are Some Good Ideas?
When a child is born into a Catholic family, one of the first major celebrations that will happen is the Christening, which bears many Catholic Christening gifts.  Depending on the age of the child, these gifts could vary in value or in practicality.  Sometimes these gi...MORE

Catholic Christian Gifts: Speak from the Heart
Are you the type of person that gets nervous when you realize you have to get a gift, such as catholic Christian gifts for someone? Or are you the type that plays it cool and always knows the perfect gift for that special individual? Everyone gets stuck every now and then. The ke...MORE

Catholic Confirmation Gifts For A Variety of Honorees
For many teenagers, Confirmation is a very important time in their lives but not just because they will get Catholic confirmation gifts.  Confirmation is the process by which a young person makes a commitment to the Catholic Church, to be devout and an active member.  T...MORE

Catholic Gift Store: Choose the Perfect Gift
Many individuals do not think of this, but a catholic gift store is an excellent place to buy gifts. Often times when choosing a gift you want it to be just right and perfect; however, choosing that perfect gift can be somewhat of a challenge, especially if you do not even know w...MORE

Catholic Gifts ideas for first communion baptism
Click here to view our full line of First Communion Gifts There are many important times in the life of a Catholic when Catholic gifts are appropriate including christening or baptism, confirmation, first communion and the celebration of saint’s days. Christmas is also an important...MORE

Catholic Gifts Ideas For Many Occassions
There are many reasons why you might need to give Catholic gifts.  Aside from the typical holidays, the Catholic Church has many rites of passage, called the Sacraments, which members experience at different points in their lives.  These Sacraments are widely celebrated and ...MORE

Catholic Statue Garden
Click to view the full collection of Garden Statues The garden statues are special ways of celebrating the holy and the pious ways Jesus, Mary and other saints who helped establish the church. The garden is the place where you come close to the Almighty. The statues of o...MORE

Catholic Statues
Catholic statues are a major aspect of designing a church.  Because most Catholic churches are built in honor of specific saints or biblical figures, you will often find figures depicting different characters from the bible on church grounds.   Since is a major figurehead she a...MORE

Celtic cross
There are many different kinds of religious jewelry.  The patron saint medals and the four-way medal are two popular ones from the Catholic faith.  Other Christian-based designs include the cross and the crucifix.  These can be made into necklace pendants, bracelet charms, earr...MORE

Celtic jewelry
Religious jewelry is one of those special things that are great gifts for any occasion.  Cross pendants make a simple and inexpensive gift that anyone would appreciate.  Tie tacks, pins, brooches, and rings all have their place among the many celebrations you might attend throughout...MORE

Celtic Ring
Religious jewelry comes in many shapes, styles, and colors.  From cross pendants to crucifixes, to the latest , there is something for every taste and personality.  Weddings are a popular occasion for meaningful gift giving, especially jewelry, but there are many other occasions tha...MORE

Childens Crosses
Click for our full line Childrens Crosses  Crosses and crucifixes are an important symbol when it comes to the Christian religion because they traditionally represent the crucifixion of Christ. It is a symbol which depicts the faith of Christianity and wearing it or hanging a cross ...MORE

Children's Crosses Make for Great Gift
To view other children's crosses and crucifixes click here.   Crosses and crucifixes are an important symbol when it comes to the Christian religion because they traditionally represent the crucifixion of Christ. It is a symbol which depicts the faith of Christianity and ...MORE

Children's Jewelry Gift Ideas
  For children who are usually running, playing, getting dirty and generally not paying attention to their clothes, let alone jewelry, jewelry can be a nuisance. When they get a little older, they begin to like the idea of decorating themselves or wearing a meaningful symbol. There i...MORE

Childrens Nativity Sets
If you have kids you may not be able to have a nativity set that is really expensive and very breakable. Kids may not now the importance of how easy class can be broken or may not know the importance of not playing with them like there action figures. Slamming expensive figurines t...MORE

Christening Gifts: Helpful Suggestions
Everyone needs a help every now and then trying to find the perfect gift, particularly if you have no idea what are appropriate as christening gifts. If you have never bought a christening gift before you do not have to panic or worry, there are plenty of choices out there you more th...MORE

Christening Godparent Gifts: Something Special
Choosing the perfect christening godparent gifts can be a little nerve racking, particularly if you have never had to buy a christening gift before. You will want your gift to be special and to be meaningful. Luckily, you do not have to break your bank in order to buy something s...MORE

Christmas Decorating ideas
Click here for our full collection of Christmas Decor When it comes to Christmas decorating you will usually come across to different types of people, you will have your will modest and simple decorators and you will have people whom will change the whole look of their hous...MORE

Christmas Decorating Ideas
Christmas brings back so many warm wonderful memories. Christmas is the season where everyone is sentimental, and thinking about Christmas decoration ideas for their home. Many people decorate their home with rustic elements to bring back childhood memories. However, it can be ch...MORE

Christmas Decoration Ideals
Click here for our full collection of Christmas Decorations The most anticipated holiday of the year is Christmas and for a good reason. Kids get gifts and family and friends get together sometimes you may even get to see some family and friends that you have not seen si...MORE

Christmas Decorations
If someone were to mention to you that the holidays are right around the corner, many images would likely come to mind.  You might, of course, think of Santa Claus and the North Pole or his flying reindeer.  Perhaps you will envision the faces of family and friends who gather...MORE

Christmas Ornaments add a personal touch
Central Europe, mainly Germany is credited with the introduction, into the home, of the evergreen tree as a Christmas decoration. It was used for centuries as a decoration for winter festivals and simply continued as the population became Christian. Decorating the tree also began with things on h...MORE

christmas tree ornanments
Click to view our full line of Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree is an evergreen and symbol of continuity of life through the cold and the dark winter season. The primary decoration is a light candle. This signifies light in darkness of winter. The tree represents life...MORE

Church Nativity Sets Remind Us of His Birth
The scene that depicts the birth of Jesus was popularized by St. Francis of Assisi in 1223. He recreated, in a cave, Jesus in a manger, Joseph and Mary with the three wise men, angels and shepherds as will as the animals that were also there. Since then, that scene is the traditional nativity sce...MORE

Communion Dresses and What They Represent
Click here for our full line of Communion Dresses If you are Catholic, then you know the importance of first communion as it signifies a person’s first reception of the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  This is one of the holiest and most important occasions in Catholic life as dur...MORE

Communion Gifts
For a Catholic girl or boy, first communion is a very important day in their life. It will not be simply a memory; it is the beginning of their relationship with Jesus. Communion gifts are almost always given by those who love the child because it is a time to give a memento they will keep al...MORE

Confirmation gifts
Sometime between the ages of 11 and 16 a child in the Christian faith has a confirmation, which is a rite of initiation into his or her family church. This happens for infants at the time they are baptized in the Eastern Church and in the Western Church it happens when they are older and ...MORE

Cross jewelry
Cross jewelry is probably the most popular style of religious accessory.  Many people like to wear them because they are simple, but send a clear message.  Basic designs are casual and subtle and can go appropriate for almost any occasion.  More complex versions are per...MORE

Crosses make for great wall decorations
Click to view our full line of Wall Crosses Crosses have been gaining favor as a way to décor homes. Through the ages the symbol of the cross has changed making it a great way decorate a home. Many now mimic the antique hand-forged iron wall crosses. Wrought Iron crosses als...MORE

Diamond Cross Pendant
A cross pendant is both a symbol of one’s faith and a fashion statement. A diamond cross pendant is a glorious way to express both. The diamonds are set in yellow and white gold or platinum in every style of cross imaginable from simple Latin cross, Celtic cross, trefoil cross an...MORE

Early Shopping Save Money on Christmas Gift Giving
Click here to view our full line of Christmas items Oh I can hear the groans as I say this, Christmas is coming and we should start looking at looking and ways to afford Christmas in a time when disposable income is in short supply. We here are putting together a set of tips of how to...MORE

Effective setup of a Nativity Set
Click here to view our full line of Nativity Sets Nativity Sets have much meaning from the simplicity of the scene right up to who the characters are and how they are set up. A nativity scene can arguable be the most important Christmas decoration rivaled only by the Christmas tree itself. Bu...MORE

Enriching the Home with Inspirational Tapestries
One of the most unique home décor items available are woven tapestries. They often are scenes that reflect historical events or historical figures. They are a textile art that uses a vertical loom and hand knits strands of wool to create that picture or painting. Tapestries can be traced back to the...MORE

Evolution of the Modern Catechism
Click here to view our full line of Catechism Books The need for a catechism is something that was sorely lacking for years within the Catholic Church. In 1992, Pope John Paul II commissioned the official Catechism of the Catholic Church. He with the help with Joseph Ratzinger, now kn...MORE

Facts About The Advent Wreath
The Advent wreath is a long held tradition among Christians. Although not all Christians oversee this tradition, it is still in modern day celebrations. As many people may or not be aware, the Advent is in the month of December, following the days before Christmas. Many of these wreaths are made ...MORE

First Communion Must Follow Penance
Click here for our full line of First Communion items As children prepare for their First Communion, the church clearly also states that the child must have also celebrated their first Confession, or first penance prior to receiving their first Eucharist.  The Magisterium  i...MORE

First Communion Rosaries
To view our full line of First Communion Rosaries click here. Rosaries are a very popular gift for first communions, and it is often when a boy or a girl will receive their very first rosary. First communion is a sacred right of passage in the Catholic Church and it is a very i...MORE

First Communion Veils and the Rite of Passage
First communion is one of the holiest and most important occasions in Catholic Life.  Most children receive first communion around the age of seven or eight, about the time of Grade 1.  At this time they are considered to have reached the age of reason.  Age is not the only require...MORE

Garden Statues add beauty to your yard
Garden statues can range from the most common garden gnome to a full marble depiction of the nativity. They add depth, beauty and sometimes humor to your front lawn or flower beds. If they are cleverly chosen and arranged they can make a wonderland out of the simplest garden. There are temporary ...MORE

Garden Statues for Backyard Inspiration
Click to view our full Garden Statue collection The garden statues are special ways of celebrating the holy and the pious ways Jesus, Mary and other saints who helped establish the church. The garden is the place where you come close to the Almighty. The statues of our S...MORE

Garnet Birthstone Rosary, January
Garnet Birthstone Rosary, January[7371] $14.95 Click to enlarge Click to enlarge This rosary, of garnet-colored aurora glass beads is 18in. long. The rosary is made in the United States and the crucifix is made in Italy....MORE

History of a 15 Decade Rosary
The idea of the rosary came to St. Dominic in 1214 when he had a vision of Mary, as a powerful means to pray to her for special grace, especially for converting heretics. A 15 decade rosary is a devotional prayer of all the mysteries that Catholics pray to Mary. It includes three...MORE

History of Celtic Irish Rosary
A Celtic Irish rosary is just like most modern day rosaries except for one small detail, it has a Celtic cross instead of a simple cross or crucifix. Because of this, the crosses tend to be a little more elaborate and more eye-catching. Many people who wear these rosaries may be those of Celtic o...MORE

History of Gold Miraculous Medals
Click here to view our full line of Medals The Gold Miraculous Medal is a priceless medallion of the Catholic History. It is widely worn by Catholics around the world. You should own this keepsake, yourself, for several reasons. Its history dates back to 1830 when St. Catherine La...MORE

History of Murano Glass Beads
Click here for our full line of Murano Rosaries   Murano Italy, a small town north of Venice, has set the world standard for glasswork and beads, including Murano Rosary Beads, making it the glass capital of the world,. Tracing back to the 9th century, Murano glass and beads ...MORE

History of Patron Saint Medals
Our full line of Patron Saint Medals   Since the second century, the early church has used medals in religious practices.  Some people, especially non-Christians, view this practice as sacrilege or paganism.  Although paganism does us medals in its practices, their pur...MORE

History of Santa Claus
To view our full line of Santa Figurines click here. The history of the Santa Claus has many different origins, but he is usually shown as a fat and jolly man who has a long white beard and is generally dressed in a red and white suit and he drives a reindeer drawn sleigh through the n...MORE

History of the Advent Wreath
The Advent Wreath is seasonal item that is a circle of evergreen foliage that holds four candles to represent a week of Advent. In the more modern times we are seeing advent wreaths made out of pewter, brass, silver and even gold with thematic items such as the nativity etched to the ring that hol...MORE

History Of The Celtic Advent Wreath
The Celtic advent wreath is a symbol of unity and waiting. This garland of evergreens holds four candles traditionally and represents the days after Christmas when Christians wait for the coming of Christ. There are many versions of this wreath, some of which are made of metal, others which make ...MORE

History of the Christmas Gift
Today Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus with lots of traditions added to the day from throughout the centuries and even before Christ. On the first of January, Roman emperors received gifts from their ministers, to celebrate the winter solstice. Some traditions are still welcome an...MORE

History of the Visable Symbol, The Cross
Click here to view our full collection of Crosses When you see a cross  you automatically think of Christ based religions. But, where did the use of the cross come from as a symbol of Christianity. In the 3rd century, was banded by one church father because of the crosses roots t...MORE

How is Easter Day Selected
To view our full line of Easter items click here As I look at the temperature seeing its 36 degrees in my old NJ neighborhood. I noticed that Easter 2008 is the earliest that I can remember, although I do remember an Easter snowstorm when I was a small child in the 60s. But as I think...MORE

How the Rosary Got its Name
Click here to view our full line of Rosaries Did you ever wonder how the Rosary got its name?  Rosary.s has its origins in Latin which has the meanings   garland of roses, the rose and often the Rose is the flower that commonly is thought of when one things of the Bless...MORE

Ideas for baptism gifts
  Click here for our full line of Baptism Gifts   A baptism or christening is an important religious ceremony in Christianity in which holy water is sprinkled on the child or an adult, in order her or she, becomes a member of the Christian community. This is an im...MORE

Inspirational Religious Gifts Make Gives a Personal Touch
If you are looking for inspirational religious gifts you have a lot of choices available to you.  For example, you can always choose a special bible or prayer book, rosary beads or from the many medals that are available, some of which are incorporated in practical things li...MORE

Irish Communion Dresses Have Unique Attributes
First communion is a very important event in the life of Catholics around the world.  At this time, people receive the Sacraments of the Eucharist for the first time which involve the partaking of the bread and wine that symbolizes the body and blood of Christ.  For most people, first c...MORE

Jesse Tree And Advent
Jesse Tree and Advent are tied together where as the Jesse Tree has biblical root. Some parishes defer the use of a Christmas tree to a Jesse Tree in the Altar or sanctuary area. Of course some of the Christmas Tree roots do go back to Pagan believes around the time of Constantine, who added some of...MORE

Jesse Tree Ornaments
Jesse Tree Ornaments are a popular item not only at Christmastime because of its obvious precusor to the Christmas tree, but because it is a reminder of the cause for celebration.Jesus was said to be a descendant of Kings.  Looking deeply into his family tree, you will see t...MORE

Jewelry Christian
There are many kinds of religious jewelry.  Christian and Celtic cross pendants, Catholic patron saint medals, and religious resin statues are just the beginning of a large catalog of artistic and meaningful gift items.  No matter the occasion, you will likely find something that is...MORE

lawn statues
Religious lawn statues are popular ornamentation for homes and churches, but there are so much more than your everyday decoration.  These often life-size figurines represent the many aspects of faith in their denominations.  Whether you belong to an eastern or western religion, you ...MORE

LED Advent Candles Enhances Child Safety
Each year as advent approaches there is a joy for the return of the  advent and then Christmas season. But there is also the concern for fire. The process of advent involves lighting and keeping lit 4 candles throughout the 4 weeks of advent. Click here to review our full line...MORE

Medal Use in the Early Church And Today
Click to view our full line of Medals Since the second century, the early church has used medals in religious practices.  Some people, especially non-Christians, view this practice as sacrilege or paganism.  Although paganism does us medals in its practices, their...MORE

Murano Glass Rosary Beads
Click to view our full line of Murano Rosaries The rosary is an important symbol in Christian tradition, the name rosary comes from the Latin meaning garland or roses or flowers and the rose is a symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary which makes the rosary beads very important, they ar...MORE

My Soul Longs For You O God
Click to view our full line of Catholic Catechism Books When you look at the first chapter of the Unites States Catechism for adults, you see that it starts where the quest for the human spirit starts, the longing meaning and for a higher Being, for Christians that’s God and Jes...MORE

Nativity Sets
Nativity sets are very popular during the Yuletide season.  Many people enjoy seeing the retelling of the birth of Jesus, so a physical reminder of this occasion is always appreciated.  Just after Thanksgiving, you will start to see the many versions of these portrayals in ch...MORE

Need to Sell Your Home? Ask St. Joseph
For a view of our full collection of Saint Joseph Items, click here As anyone who has ever sold a house knows, it is one of the most difficult processes and you need all the help you can get. You have people come tell you what colors to paint your rooms, if to change you carpet but wh...MORE

Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue
Click here to view our full line of Outdoor Decor Our Lady of Guadalupe is a 16th century icon which shows the Virgin Mary, otherwise known as the mother of Jesus Christ. This image is also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe and it represents a famous Marian apparition. According to...MORE

Our Lady of Lourdes
Bernadette Soubirous was only 14-years old when she first admitted to seeing apparitions of a “lady” in the cave of Massabielle.  This was on February 11, 1858.  About a mile outside of the town of Lourdes, the peasant girl was gathering firewood with her sister, Toinett...MORE

Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Click for our full line of Christmas Decor A very common practice for many neighborhoods around the holidays is to put up outdoor decorations celebrating either Christmas or just the holidays in general. Even know not everybody celebrates Christmas for the religious reas...MORE

Papal Crucifix Enduring Symbol of Papal Legacy
Click here to see our unique selection of the Papal Crucifix     No holy official carries more weight than the office of the Pope, and as such it is incumbent that the requisite instruments of papal office reflect the responsibility and dignity of the Pope. The Papal...MORE

Patron Saint Medals in the early church
To view our full line of Patron Saint Medals Click Here Since the second century, the early church has used medals in religious practices. Some people, especially non-Christians, view this practice as sacrilege or paganism. Although paganism does us medals in its practices, their p...MORE

prayer garden statues
Click here for more Garden Statues Prayer garden statues are life sized statues which can be placed in your own garden as a place for you to give prayer to the representations of the statues. Prayer gardens have been created all over the world and are a place of worship for Christi...MORE

Prayer Gardens Gets a Day off to a Good start
Click here for our full collection of Garden Statues As the sun comes up, the air is cool, sometimes even crisp as the steam rises from a fresh cup of coffee. It is a perfect time of day for meditation and quiet. It’s a perfect time for scripture or books of prayer. Many peop...MORE

Prayer Gardens Offer Serenity and Peace
Often when we see the beauties of nature our mood is uplifted and we feel love and a sense of belonging. A prayer garden is a place we have especially arranged to give a space to harmony and peace where we can go to pray or meditate and feel closer to God or ourselves. What kind of garden will gi...MORE

RCIA and What It Means
When an adult decides to become part of the Roman Catholic Church, the Church has a ritual that welcomes them. This ritual, which includes baptism, first communion and confirmation all in one ceremony, is the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). It is appropriate to give a gift to the p...MORE

Real Presence In the Eucharist
The Catholic Church, since its inception, has always believed in the Real Presence of Jesus in the form o the Eucharist. As a child celebrates their first communion, they too are about to take part in this honored tradition. The Eucharist is the one sacrament that is representative or Christ’s sacri...MORE

Real Presence is Key to Immortality
St. Ignatius of Antioch said in 100 a.d., Eucharist is the medicine of immortality so we do not die but live forever in Jesus. Catholics profoundly believe that their participation in the mass, and their participation in Communion will help them gain the eternal life with Jesus. During the mass thou...MORE

Religious Bird Baths
There are many people who appreciate thoughtful, personal gifts over something simple and practical.  Those who are dedicated to their church, for instance, often enjoy possessions that remind them of the commitment they have made to God.  After all, superficial belongings ar...MORE

Religious Chistmas Gifts keeps Jesus in the Season
Click for our full line of Christmas Gifts Christmas is one of two times a year when gift giving is very important. The other one is birthdays. Giving gifts at Christmas is usually part of the Christians celebration of the birth of Jesus. The gifts commemorate the gifts brought to baby J...MORE

Religious Gifts are Lifetime Gifts
Every religion has a traditional gift item that is always welcomed by the receiver. There is such a vast array of possibilities that it is best to categorize your recipients. There are religious gifts specifically for men and women as well as any adult, teenage girls and boys as well as ...MORE

Religious Gifts For Spiritual People
Religious gifts can be very simple and humble, and be worth more in meaning than in monetary value.  These are usually the best types of to give because they represent a momentous occasion in a person’s life.  Sometimes it is clothing, like a bonnet or a towel for a baby at b...MORE

Religious Statues
  The most common religious statues are of Catholic saints. There are hundreds of saints and hundreds of statues for each one. Some are very costly works of art and some are small plastic pieces to be kept in the pocket or purse. Indoor statues of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the saint...MORE

Roman Catholic Church
The Roman Catholic Church has a ritual that welcomes adult converts into the church. It includes first communion, confirmation and baptism all in one ceremony and is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Gifts are exchanged at this time between the person being initiated a...MORE

Rosaries for babies
Click to view our full line of Rosaries for Babies The name rosary comes from the Latin word meaning garland of flowers or roses. The rose is a symbol which is associated with our Blessed Virgin Mary and is an important symbol within Christianity. Rosaries can make a really...MORE

Rosary Gifts Come in Many Styles and Sizes
Rosary beads are an interesting item in the Catholic religion that are also found in many other religions in a similar form.  It is said that their use began in the 4th century when rope with knots was used to help people who couldn’t read keep track of the number of prayers recitation...MORE

Saint Anthony
For a full view of our collection of Saint Anthony Items, Click here. Anthony was a saint that is said to perform many miracles daily. Saint Anthony came from a very rich family, a family that wanted him to get educated and follow in their footsteps. But Saint Anthony de...MORE

Saint Francis with Animals Statue
To view our full line of St Francis Statues click here Saint Francis, also known as St Francis of Assisi was the patron saint of animals and he was the Friar and founder of the Franciscans. You will often find statues of St Francis with an animal because he was the patron s...MORE

Saint Michael Medal
Click to view our full line of Saint Michael Items Saint Michael is considered an archangel in Jewish and Christian and Islamic tradition. He is seen as a field commander of the army of God and he has been mentioned by name in the Book of Jude, the Book of Daniel and the Bo...MORE

Saints Medals
Click here to view our full line of Saint Medals There are many different saints in Christianity and each saint usually is depicted by their own saints’ medals. These are medals which show the saint usually doing what it is that they are named after on a medal whic...MORE

Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
One of the major aspects of the Sacrament of Confirmation are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit that are bestowed on the candidate when they are sealed with the Holy Spirit. The candidate when participating in Confirmation accepts that their mission is to be witnesses of Jesus in their families a...MORE

Snowman Decorations
 Click here to review our full line of snowman decorations. When the cold winter comes in, in many places the snow comes along with it. A weather condition that many people may love or hate but when it come to kids pretty much all of them love it. Kids love to make snow angles, have snow b...MORE

Click for our full line of Garden Statues Gardening has always given us a sense of well-being and a connection to something greater than ourselves. The fruits of our labor can now bring us closer to our faith in the form of a prayer garden. The very act of gardening is often an act of...MORE

St. Benedict Crucifix
Click to view our full collection of St Benedict Items St Benedict crucifixes are in fact medals and the origin of the St Benedict medal or crucifix is very old and it was suggested by the efficacious use that the patriarch made the sign of the cross against the assaults...MORE

St. Francis most popular Garden Statue
Click for our full line of Garden Statues As I ride around town I often see Catholic Yard statues that depict the saints. It has become very common to see St. Francis Statues adorning people’s yards. Additionally many people may select for their garden statues the Blessed Mot...MORE

St. John Vinney
Click to view our full collection of St John Vianney Medals St. John Vianney was born in France on May 8th of 1786 he was the third of six children. His family grew up as normal dedicated Catholics who followed the word of the lord and help the poor as much as they could. In 179...MORE

St. Joseph Home Seller Kit
To view our full collection of Saint Joseph items, Click here St Joseph home seller kits can help to sell you house if you are looking to sell you home for one reason or another. The St Joseph home seller kits is a way of showing your faith and it is a simple, physical act ...MORE

St. Joseph Statue
Click here to view our full selection of St. Joseph Statues St. Joseph is described as the parton saint of the new world, the Universal Church, married couples, families, homes, carpenters, and, yes, real estate! St. Joseph had no formal canonization being that canon...MORE

St. Vincent de Paul
To view our full collection of Saint Vincent de Paul Items, Click here Vincent de Paul, The saint of charitable societies, was born in Pouy, Gascony, France around 1580. His parents Jean de Paul and Bertrande de Moras were farmers who raised four sons and two daught...MORE

Sterling Silver Religious Jewelry
The end all of sterling silver religious jewelry might just be the patron saint medals that are popular in the Catholic faith.  These medals can be worn on chains, likea cross pendants, or carried on a person, like a charm.  Some people keep them in their car, hanging from a...MORE

The Advent Calendar
Advent is just around the corner. As August approaches it means that the Christmas Season is only a few weeks away. It does get earlier every year and starts right after Labor Day. But Advent is the true waiting period for Christmas. It’s the four week which counts back four Sundays prior to Christm...MORE

The Anatomy of The Catholic Catechism
Click to view our full line of Catholic Catechism for Adult Books In 2000, The United States Bishops took the Catechism of the Catholic church and developed a version exclusively for the individual Catholic Person in the United States. The book is very readable and is set up like a te...MORE

The Christmas Tree and Ornaments
To view all of our Christmas items and decorations click here. The Christmas tree is an evergreen and symbol of continuity of life through the cold and the dark winter season. The primary decoration is a light candle. This signifies light in darkness of winter. The tree represen...MORE

The Franciscan Cross
Click here to view our full line The Franciscan Crosses The Franciscan cross is also known as the Tau cross, and it comes from the Hebrew spiritual interpretation proper of the letters from their alphabet. The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet represented the Word of God and this...MORE

The History Of Caridad Del Cobre
Catholics and other Christian individuals who are familiar with the many different names referring to the Virgin Mary may be familiar with the term Caridad Del Cobre. This term is most often said with the two words “Lady of” in front as the Blessed Virgin Mary is referred to in Cuba. ...MORE

The history of Christmas
To view our full line of Nativity Scenes click here Hundreds and thousands of families celebrate Christmas every year, and it can be a really joyous time for people. Decorating the Christmas tree, Santa Claus for the children, buying presents for people you love and placing beauti...MORE

The History of Christmas Tree Decoration
Click here to view our full line of Christmass decorations. The history of Christmas tree decorations date back to the early 19th century, where in Norway a fir tree was considered an important part of the celebration of Christmas and the tree was hung with cakes, small toys, swee...MORE

The History Of The Christmas Tree
To view our entire Christmas Tree collection click here. The Christmas is not only recognized by almost everybody as a symbol of not only the holiday that lands on the 25th of December, Christmas, but also recognized as a symbol of winter. Even non religious people whom ...MORE

The history of the crucifix
Crucifixion was a form of execution by hanging a person on a from the sixth century BC to about the fourth century AD by Persians, Jews, Carthaginians, Seleucids, and Romans. The condemned dragged the cross beam to the upright pole while being whipped and was then nailed to it and was attached to...MORE

The History of the Pilgrims
Click to view our full line of Thanksgiving Decor As thanksgiving approaches families get together and eat a big meal to give thanks to the first people that made it to America and started up a colony that soon turned in to the land of the free. These people called the P...MORE

The Papal Crucifix The Long and Rich History that Predates It
The papal crucifix is a very unique crucifix on the papal staff carried by John Paul II, the current pope.  The crucifix itself was revised and adopted by Pope Paul VI when he was elected and has been used ever since.  The staff itself is often associated with the shepherd&rs...MORE

The Patron Saints
Click here for a the full line of Patron Medals The Patron saints medals are very popular amongst the Catholic followers. The medal of a particular saint characterizes his or her virtues. By wearing the medals, the followers want to imbibe those virtues in themselves. Patro...MORE

The Prayer Garden
Click for our full line of Prayer Garden Statues. The prayer garden has an important place in Christianity and its preachings.  Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden, before the temptation and banishment from the paradise.  Jesus Christ prayed in the g...MORE

The roots of the Serenity Prayer
Click here to view our full line of serenity prayer plaques. The Serenity Prayer has gained in popularity though the years and is often used by groups that deal with addictions such as Alcoholics Anonymous. The origins of the prayer have divergent roots back into the early 20th&nb...MORE

The Rosary and Penance
  Click to view our full line of Rosaries The Blessed Mother appeared to three children in Fatima in 1917. Our Lady made three requests one of which was penance. As with Lent, a period of penance, it becomes worth the discussion to see how Our Lady, Penance and the Rosary all t...MORE

The Saint Medals
Click to view our full collection of Saint Medals The process of declaring religious members of the Christian society, as holy or pious person is a religious process, which is taken up by the church and Pope, leading the way to Sainthood. There are three ways in which the P...MORE

Twenty Reasons to Pray the Rosary
Click to view our full line of Rosaries   There are many Rosary based prayers.  Almost every Catholic knows at least one.  Praying the  Rosary is commonplace.  But, most people don't fully understand the concept of what the Rosary signifies in prayer. ...MORE

Use Children’s Wooden Rosaries to Teach Children
When it comes to teaching your children about their religion, children’s wooden rosaries can come in handy. Rosaries, whether or not you realize this, are a vessel for teaching children the importance of many things when it comes to their religion. Teaching children can often become a diffi...MORE

Wall Rosaries Popualr Home Decor Item
The Catholic Church follows a very particular belief structure within the Christian religion.  Perhaps the most significant characteristic of the Catholic Church is its regard of the Virgin Mary as a major figure of observance.  For this reason, wall rosaries are popular items ...MORE

What are Christmas Decorations
Click here to view our full line of Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations come in many different shapes and sizes, for many different uses. Christmas tree decorations can be traced all the way back to the early 19th century when German Saxons used to light candles and place...MORE

What Is A Fontanini Advent Calendar
A Fontanini Advent calendar is a very specific type of calendar that many people follow. It represents the Advent that many Catholics celebrate. This is the period in December at the beginning of the month to the days until Christmas the calendar represents. Fontanini makes these out of wood and ...MORE

What is a Jesse Tree Ornaments
Jesse Tree ornaments are a tradition for which many Christian parents partake in with their children. This is done during the month of December where a live Christmas tree is planted in a pot and wrapped in felt so that symbols can be added to the tree each day. Certain scripture is normally read...MORE

What is a Pyx
To view our full collection of Pyx click here As the Eucharist Ministers to the sick approach the altar they each have their Pyx to carry the Eucharist to the sick or homebound of the parish. But what is a pyx and why does it have such a funny name. The word Pyx is rooted in Greek...MORE

What to Expect with a Murano Rosary
To view our full line of Murano Rosaries click here In Murano Venice Italy you will find one of the most prestigious places in the world to buy glass rosaries. A Murano glass rosary can be bought in many different colors and designs. If you would like a rosary with a lit...MORE

White Gold Cross
The Cross is the most sacred symbol for all Christians and many like to show their faith by wearing the Cross as jewelry. It is elegant, comes in many different styles and designs and there is a huge collection available online. Pure gold is yellow in color and white gold is an alloy of yellow go...MORE

Who Is Immaculate Heart of Mary
Many Catholic and other religious Christian individuals today may have heard the terms “Immaculate Heart of Mary.” While it is not commonly said in daily conversation or recognized by all Christian or Catholic churches, the terms may be familiar to some. If you are familiar to the man...MORE

Who is St. Francis
Click here to see all of our St. Francis Devotional Items   Saint Francis of Assisi was well known for being a literal man. He celebrated life  with his exuberant and literal following of the teachings of Christ. When he was very young he start seek to live his life according...MORE

Who is The Holy Family
Jesus is the origin and focal point of the Christian religion. His mother, Mary and step-father, as Joseph is called in the Catholic Church, are the Holy Family because Jesus is considered the Son of God. Christians believe that the Messiah, the king of the Jews, was born to a young girl who was ...MORE

Wooden Beaded Rosaries
Click here for our full line of Wood Rosaries The rosary comes from the Latin word meaning garland of roses or flowers. The rose is the flower which is a symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary which makes the rosary an important symbol of Christianity. Rosaries were traditionall...MORE

Wooden Rosaries for Men
The rosary is a prayer to Mary, the mother of Jesus, to intervene on the prayer’s behalf with God. Rosary means garland of roses, the flower associated with Mary. It is one of the most holy devotional prayers of the Catholic Church and was recently given new energy by Pope John-Paul II who ...MORE