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 16" Good Shepherd Outdoor Fig  16" Good Shepherd Outdoor Fig
This is a 16" Good Shepherd Outdoor Fig made of Resin/Stone Mix 16"H We are proud to offer this as part of our extensive Joseph'S Studio Giftware Collection of unique religious and inspirational themed items that are designed to foster ...MORE
 $101.62  $80.79 
 20" St. Joseph Outdoor Statue  20" St. Joseph Outdoor Statue
This is a 20" St. Joseph Outdoor Statue made of Resin/Stone Mix 20"H We are proud to offer this as part of our extensive Joseph'S Studio Giftware Collection of unique religious and inspirational themed items that are designed to foster ...MORE
 $76.21  $60.59 
 24" Our Lady of Guadalupe Outdoor Statue  24" Our Lady of Guadalupe Outdoor Statue
We have enhanced the paint used on these statues to include a special UV coating, which will guarantee the finish for 5 years. ...MORE
 $153.44  $121.99 
 24" Sacred Heart Outdoor Statue  24" Sacred Heart Outdoor Statue
We have enhanced the paint used on these statues to include a special UV coating, which will guarantee the finish for 5 years. ...MORE
 $138.96  $110.47 
 24" Sacred Heart Outdoor Statue  24" Sacred Heart Outdoor Statue
Part of our Heirloom Statue Collection. This garden statue is coated this with a UV special paint to insure a long lasting finish on this Resin and stone statue ...MORE
 $138.96  $110.47 
 24" St Joseph with Child Outdoor Statue  24" St Joseph with Child Outdoor Statue
We have enhanced the paint used on these statues to include a special UV coating, which will guarantee the finish for 5 years. ...MORE
 $138.96  $110.47 
 Outdoor Crucifix  Outdoor Crucifix
Includes yard stakes and a key hole hanger on the back ...MORE
 $99.94  $79.45 
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Articles meeting search criteria

Advent Wreath
Click to view our full line of Advent Wreaths When it comes to Christmas people put recognizable Christmas decoration and religious symbols up each year. Some decorations are very religious and spiritual and some are just meant to send out a good vibe for the holidays. One ...MORE

Angel Statue Serve as God's Messenger
Angels, as benevolent airy beings, are in almost all religions in some form. In the Christian religion they are messengers from God and can intercede in human life for the better. There are four main angels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel. People consider some angels as departed loved ones wh...MORE

Christmas Decorating Ideas
Christmas brings back so many warm wonderful memories. Christmas is the season where everyone is sentimental, and thinking about Christmas decoration ideas for their home. Many people decorate their home with rustic elements to bring back childhood memories. However, it can be ch...MORE

Christmas Decoration Ideals
Click here for our full collection of Christmas Decorations The most anticipated holiday of the year is Christmas and for a good reason. Kids get gifts and family and friends get together sometimes you may even get to see some family and friends that you have not seen si...MORE

Christmas Nativity Sets Hallmark of the Season
A depiction of the scene in a stable when Jesus was born, with his mother Mary, his father Joseph the three kings or magi, angles and animals, usually sheep, donkeys and camels is called the nativity scene. This is displayed during the Christmas season in homes, churches and malls, inten...MORE

Christmas Yard Art Give Home Character
Every homeowner has different ideas for landscaping their home. Christmas yard decorations are a big deal to most people, so planning electrical access specifically for these decorations into the landscaping can be a great convenience when the holidays come around. Many people consider what types...MORE

Christmas Yard Art Makes the Yard Shine
One of the best things about Christmas decorations are the massive displays in people’s front yards. It is so much fun to drive around the neighborhood and see all the different decorations. Some are just lights, some are life sized figures of the nativity scene or Santa Cl...MORE

Effective setup of a Nativity Set
Click here to view our full line of Nativity Sets Nativity Sets have much meaning from the simplicity of the scene right up to who the characters are and how they are set up. A nativity scene can arguable be the most important Christmas decoration rivaled only by the Christmas tree itself. Bu...MORE

Fontanini Figures Bring Nativity Set to Life
Fontanini figures are nativity scenes and pieces that are some of the most beautiful available today. They have been made for a hundred years by the Fontanini family, founded by Emanuele Fontanini in Bagni de Lucca, a small village Tuscany. One nativity scene can take almost two years to...MORE

Garden Statues add beauty to your yard
Garden statues can range from the most common garden gnome to a full marble depiction of the nativity. They add depth, beauty and sometimes humor to your front lawn or flower beds. If they are cleverly chosen and arranged they can make a wonderland out of the simplest garden. There are temporary ...MORE

Indoor Nativity Sets
The most fitting decoration for the holiday season is indoor nativity sets. They represent the true meaning of Christmas and symbolizing peace on earth. There are so many different kinds and representations of the nativity that there is sure to be one for every home, décor and personality....MORE

lawn statues
Religious lawn statues are popular ornamentation for homes and churches, but there are so much more than your everyday decoration.  These often life-size figurines represent the many aspects of faith in their denominations.  Whether you belong to an eastern or western religion, you ...MORE

Nativity Sets have long history
The birth of Jesus is the biggest celebration of the Christian year. On that night, in Bethlehem, a baby was born in a stable. Lowly animals as well as angels from heaven came to greet him. It is said that three kings from the orient also followed a star and arrived to offer the baby precious gif...MORE

Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue
Click here to view our full line of Outdoor Decor Our Lady of Guadalupe is a 16th century icon which shows the Virgin Mary, otherwise known as the mother of Jesus Christ. This image is also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe and it represents a famous Marian apparition. According to...MORE

Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Click for our full line of Christmas Decor A very common practice for many neighborhoods around the holidays is to put up outdoor decorations celebrating either Christmas or just the holidays in general. Even know not everybody celebrates Christmas for the religious reas...MORE

Outdoor Nativity Sets
An outdoor nativity scene can lift your spirits. You can create your own scene to lift not only your own spirits but those who see it will have their spirits lifted too. You can express yourself with different sizes and designs for your nativity display. The size, detail and add-...MORE

Outdoor Nativity Sets
Outdoor nativity scenes are used during the Christmas season to celebrate the birth of Jesus for all to see. They are placed in front of private homes, churches, and religious institutions. Some are very life-like, some look like carved marble statues and some are lighted plastic or outlined fram...MORE

Outdoor Statues for Prayer
Nothing brings your garden alive like outdoor statues. Whether it is a religious statue, animal statue or people walking through your back yard, it adds mystery and depth to your trees and flowers. There are mythical animals and gargoyles to peek at you from a nook as well as lar...MORE

Religious Bird Baths
There are many people who appreciate thoughtful, personal gifts over something simple and practical.  Those who are dedicated to their church, for instance, often enjoy possessions that remind them of the commitment they have made to God.  After all, superficial belongings ar...MORE

Religious Garden Decorations Help build a Strong Prayer Garden
Gardening has seen a surge in popularity in recent years because of concerns about economic uncertainty, rising prices and the desire for organic and locally grown foods.  People are also showing an increased interest in flower gardening as well.  Religious garden decor...MORE

Religious Statues
  The most common religious statues are of Catholic saints. There are hundreds of saints and hundreds of statues for each one. Some are very costly works of art and some are small plastic pieces to be kept in the pocket or purse. Indoor statues of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the saint...MORE

Saint Francis with Animals Statue
To view our full line of St Francis Statues click here Saint Francis, also known as St Francis of Assisi was the patron saint of animals and he was the Friar and founder of the Franciscans. You will often find statues of St Francis with an animal because he was the patron s...MORE

Snowman Decorations
 Click here to review our full line of snowman decorations. When the cold winter comes in, in many places the snow comes along with it. A weather condition that many people may love or hate but when it come to kids pretty much all of them love it. Kids love to make snow angles, have snow b...MORE

Snowman Decorations Reminds Us of Christmas
A statue that represents a person, usually with three balls of rolled snow piled on top of each other with a carrot nose, coal eyes and a scarf tied around its “neck”, is a traditional snowman. Snowman decorations have been associated with Christmas for years, especia...MORE

Solar Bird Feeders
Birdfeeders in your garden attract birds during the day for them to have an easy meal. It’s nice to be able to see a large variety of birds in your back or front yard. Solar lighted birdfeeders add another dimension to feeding birds. At night you will have a glowing hanging...MORE

Solar Lighted Angels Have Many Uses
Guardian angels in cemeteries have been a common sight for centuries. In the greatest cathedrals around the world angels look over the dead and are considered to take the departed soul to heaven. Today, with the magic of solar batteries the angel can be gently illuminated at nigh...MORE

St. Joseph Statue
Click here to view our full selection of St. Joseph Statues St. Joseph is described as the parton saint of the new world, the Universal Church, married couples, families, homes, carpenters, and, yes, real estate! St. Joseph had no formal canonization being that canon...MORE

Wall Crucifix Decor
Crucifixes are the most significant Catholic symbol and appear everywhere the Catholic religion is practiced. They appear on rosaries, pendants, medals and are very popular as jewelry, these days, for rock stars and celebrities. For a private home, wall crucifixes can be part of ...MORE

Water Fountains
The sound of gently splashing water is very soothing. It is known to relieve stress at the end of the day. A gorgeous stone water fountain in your garden would be ideal for you to hear and contemplate and to attract birds for water or a bath. Everyone may not have a large garden ...MORE

Who is St. Francis
Click here to see all of our St. Francis Devotional Items   Saint Francis of Assisi was well known for being a literal man. He celebrated life  with his exuberant and literal following of the teachings of Christ. When he was very young he start seek to live his life according...MORE