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Advent Wreath Decoration Ideas

The Advent Wreath, well known by most Christians,  is a symbol of preparing for the birth of Jesus. It has a circular shape, symbolizing eternal life, and rests on a table or fireplace mantle. Usually there are three purple candles and one pink, each lit on one Sunday in Advent. Traditionally these wreaths were pine branches decorated with ribbons and pine cones but now there are hundreds of Advent wreath decoration ideas available.


There are Advent wreaths available in stores, already made with the candles included. They range from wood with the story of the nativity carved into the side to artificial flowers and leaves including Poinsettias or golden roses. There are also decorative metal frames that hold votive candles or a simple pewter ring. If you want to include your family in the atmosphere you need Advent wreath decoration ideas to make your personal statement that will have meaning for you. Evergreen bows may not be the decoration that has the most meaning for you. This tradition is not about the decoration, it is about the coming of Christmas.


Advent wreath decoration ideas can be traditional, with evergreen branches or you can use this opportunity to make a statement about what you believe is the main message of Christmas. You could decorate your wreath base with environmentally friendly images to remind everyone that the earth needs love too. If you live in a warm tropical climate your wreath may look more like a tropical paradise than the evergreen and pinecones used by the Germans in the 16th century. The decoration depends on your environment but the meaning is the same everywhere.


There are special Advent wreath decoration ideas for children, to bring the true meaning of Christmas into their lives in a way that they can relate to. Let them decorate the wreath with their favorite things, possibly small toys, animals and candies that will give them the attraction needed, for you to get their full attention, to tell them the stories and meaning of the wreath. You can add the candles and let them light them when it is time. There is no better way to attract children to what is important than to let them participate in their own way.


If you don’t have the ability of make a new wreath every year, there are Advent wreath decoration ideas that can be dismantled for easy storage and simply put back together each year. You can buy a wreath base in a craft store and votive candles or some other candle in a container. Then, depending on what you like, you can get the artificial flowers and greens, including pine cones, and simply place them around the base. It will look nice when visitors come and can be kept year after year. Traditions can consol us when we are alone, and hold us together when we are a family. The candles represent the prophecy of the coming of light, love, joy and peace. Everyone wants to feel the meaning is personal.

This article was published on Tuesday 17 November, 2009.

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