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Angels, as benevolent airy beings, are in almost all religions in some form. In the Christian religion they are messengers from God and can intercede in human life for the better. There are four main angels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel. People consider some angels as departed loved ones who are watching over their lives. Angel statues depict all types of angels from St. Michael, fearsome and powerful, worthy to stand in front of a law enforcement agency, to innocent children with wings that sit on mushrooms and contemplate your garden.


Praying or meditative angel statues are usually seen in cemeteries as symbols of the angels who escort the soul to heaven. Another angel is, the Christmas angel who has come to see baby Jesus and is usually depicted in a nativity scene. There are garden statues of beautiful little girls with wings who hold bouquets of flowers or giant shells for bird baths. There are very small statues of children and babies who can sit on a window sill or desk and watch you work.


Angel statues always inspire because they symbolize goodness in life. They are ready to fight their opposite, demons, and give us the strength to fight any demons bothering us too. Guardian angels may be all around us and statues of angels reminds us of that. They are available in porcelain mainly for indoors, bronze, stone and resin for outdoors. Fontanini, an Italian family who have been making statues for four generations, make beautiful statues in polymer including angels with swords for protection and angels with scales for justice. There are also marble angles which are copies of famous sculptures and all of these can all appear in your garden in various sizes.


There are angel statues for your garden that store sunlight and begin to glow at sunset. These are often child angels holding stars or globes. One angel statue is playing the harp, the proverbially heavenly music, and the statue actually has music when a slight breeze blows the chimes so that they touch each other, it seems like the angel is playing the harp. There are also wall fountains that are bas-relief of different angels. These are lightweight fiberglass but look like carved stone and belong in an Elizabethan garden.


Most angel statues are copies of the traditional Italian Renaissance depiction in paintings and sculpture but there are some unique statues that represent ethnic designs such as, South American or Russian angels. Some have a contemporary design, sleek and modern. Cherubs are a popular motif for fountains. Little angels are pouring water, playing with shells or sea horses while the fountain splashes water giving a soothing appearance and sound. They also hold flower pots, lights and birds. For children there are crystal angel bears holding a heart birthstone or a birthday cake and tiny glass angels hanging by a silver chain that seems to fly around the room. Also, sun catchers depicting angels in different poses, to hang in a window and watch it catch the sun and spread the beautiful colored light.

This article was published on Sunday 03 January, 2010.

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