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Baby Baptism Gift ideas

There are many baby baptism gifts that people give to celebrate and commemorate the first of the Catholic Sacraments.  For dedicated members of the Catholic Church, the Sacraments are a series of steps that you can take to further your relationship with God and deepen your role in the church.  The sacrament of Baptism is described in the Bible as the cleansing of the sinful flesh with water.  While the process in the Bible usually described adults undergoing this Sacrament, modern tradition usually sees it happening to you when you are just a baby.  It is actually a tradition in many cultures where Catholicism is prominent. 

If you undergo baptism when you are just a baby, there is a pretty good chance that the priest will simply dunk your whole body in the baptismal pool. The baptismal pool is supposed to represent the bodies of water where the ritual was performed in the bible, and is often a beautiful centerpiece in Catholic churches.  Because the process involves submerging of the body in water, one of the most obvious baby baptism gifts is the baptism blanket.  Coming out of that water is very cold for a baby, who is usually crying and shivering when it is all over.

Of course, no one wants to give the same thing, so you might be considering other baby baptism gifts to make sure that the honoree has more meaningful mementos.  You might, then, think of personalizing a picture frame.  This is simple and personal and can last for many years after the event, sitting on a dresser or a book shelf.  Obviously, there will be pictures taken at the event, with probably more than one camera.  Once you find one that really captures the best moment, you could frame it for familial appreciation for many years to come.

Similarly, you might want to look at personalized photo albums.  These baby baptism gifts can help you to organize the many pictures that will be taken.  Although most film is digital these days, printing pictures and creating a physical album is a fun activity and is a great way to remember the event at a later time.  Physical things are always much more meaningful when they are customized, which is something that is very easy to do on a computer.  A physical album, though, takes thought and effort to put together, and is more meaningful, at least in some people’s opinion.

Whatever you feel are the best baby baptism gifts you should look online to find them.  If you have no idea what to get, then the internet can also give you some intelligent places to start.  There are many retailers online who can help you to narrow down your list or customize your idea until it is perfect.  Shopping online is convenient because online stores never close, but their products are also usually much cheaper.  Add to that the many available shipping options and you will surely have a uniquely positive online shopping experience.

This article was published on Wednesday 24 March, 2010.

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