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Baptism Cross is a great gift idea

Baptism is the immersing in water or washing with water a person by a designated official, as a symbol of entering the particular Christian church where the baptism was performed. It is considered a rite of passage for Catholics and is a very important occasion. There are special crosses, usually wall hangings, to commemorate that time in their life. The cross signifies the day when a child becomes a member of the church family. The gift of baptism crosses serve as a life long reminder of the momentous occasion.


Baptism crosses are usually hung on the wall and come in wood, class, porcelain, and can be personalized with the child’s name and baptism date. Some of them have little figures of children praying or flowers and ribbons to make them attractive to children. They come in beautiful silver filigree, with a guardian angle and with inscriptions such as God Bless You. They also come with children’s prayers including “Jesus Loves Me” and “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”.  They also come as table crosses that will stand next to the bed or on a desk. Since baptism usually happens in childhood most are made for children’s rooms but there is also jewelry crosses for adults as well as children.


Very special baptism crosses are also available. There is a crucifix pendant that is elegant silver or 14k gold plated and is hollow to hold a tiny bit of water for the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized. Engraved on the sides are palm and olive branches reminders of the time when Jesus came to Galilee to be baptized by St. John the Baptist. It would make a good gift for godparents, so important for Catholics at the time of baptism.


There is a cross especially representing baptism and rebirth. It is the Baptismal Cross, a Greek cross superimposed on the Greek letter chi which is the first letter in the word for Christ.  The chi resembles an X or a cross on its side. The Greek cross is like a plus sign. The eight points represent many things including the age of baptism in the Catholic Church, (eight) and the number of days that passed between Christ’s entry into Jerusalem and his resurrection. 888 stands for Jesus and the number eight, lying on its side, is like the symbol for the infinite, a never ending line. Eight therefore symbolizes life, death and rebirth, which is why this cross is often used as a baptismal cross. Among the baptism crosses available for gifts and remembrance, this cross is the most sophisticated. 


The purpose of baptism crosses is to commemorate the day a person enters the church community. Traditionally these are wall crosses that look attractive and fit with the décor of the house or room, especially if it is a child’s room. Cross jewelry can also be given as gifts at the time of baptism to the child and any other member of the family who participates and would appreciate a memento.

This article was published on Tuesday 24 November, 2009.

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