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Baptism Gift Ideas That Matter

Baptism gift ideas are very important as they are given during one of the most important events in the life of a Catholic.  It is a rite of passage that celebrates one of the Sacraments, an important component of developing a strong relationship with God.  Basically, it entails the cleansing of the physical body, which is the source of sin, in holy waters.  In most cases, this involves submerging your whole body underwater.  For most people, they had it performed when they were just infants, but anyone who chooses to begin their Catholic journey can be baptized no matter how old they are.

Accordingly, there are many baptism gift ideas that are perfect for infants.  Baptism blankets, which are more like large towels, are often given to the parents of the baby that is to be baptized because, obviously, they will be cold and wet when they come out of the water.  Fittingly, these gifts serve a very specific purpose.  They are also easy to customize with embroidered initials and the date of the event, which truly makes them a common find at a baptismal celebration.  Although these are typically made for babies, you can probably find larger versions for people of all ages.

You might also need baptism gift ideas for teenagers who have chosen to join the congregation.  For someone like this, you might want to consider their intellectual and social maturity to find the perfect gift that will be both meaningful and functional.  If they have it in their mind and heart to be deeply spiritual, you could consider a student’s bible that will help them locate important or significant passages and take notes that will help to personalize their readings.  You can also special order Bible’s like this to be etched with their name and date, in order to commemorate the event.

Someone who is getting closer to middle age or beyond who chooses to be baptized might have converted from another religion or has just reached a point in their life where it is time to make a decision about God.  These people have a wealth of life experience, so Catholic jewelry make for great baptism gift ideas.  You could take this opportunity to introduce them to the patron saints with one that is appropriate to their life.  Perhaps they are a gardener or firefighter, in which case you could give them the saint who presides over their vocation.

No matter how many baptism gift ideas you have, there are probably many more online.  You can not only find ideas, though, there are also many places to buy them on the internet too.  If you are fortunate enough to have a Christian books and gifts store in your area, it is a good place to start getting ideas and to help you narrow down your list.  However, when it comes time to purchase your gifts, you should head back to the internet where the prices are usually significantly lower.  The fact that you can shop 24-hours a day is convenient too.

This article was published on Monday 23 August, 2010.

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