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Baptism Gifts

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A baptism or christening is an important religious ceremony in Christianity in which holy water is sprinkled on the child or an adult, in order her or she, becomes a member of the Christian community. This is an important occasion and special occasion in one‘s life, signifying his or her commitment to God and goodness. It is a highly auspicious occasion for the one who is baptized and the people around witnessing the ceremony. This makes it appropriate for giving baptism gifts to newly baptized person or infant and his parent. Being a special occasion, these golden moments of life are very well cherished by one his baptized and also by the other people involved in holy ceremony.


Therefore a perfect gift for this occasion will make the person remember it for the rest of his or her life. There are many Baptism gifts but five important gifts with historical and religious touch are as follows. The most important gift is jewelry tailor made or customized specially for the person. For newly baptized infants baptism bracelets make a great gift. A handcrafted traditional silver or gold bracelet with pearls or infant’s birthstone or Holy Rosary gems make it a perfect gift.


The second important baptism gift is an engraved antique plaque or handcrafted wooden keepsake box personalized with name and birth date, and kept close to heart. It keeps reminding one of the cherished moment throughout his or her life. Pewter baby crosses made out  Austrian crystal blue stone and etched with holy messages make it a very good

Baptist gift for infants or new born.


The third important baptism gift is to put together the time capsule. This baptism occasion, which is highly treasured, is complemented by capturing the moment in a symbolic way by presenting a time capsule, usually a treasure chest or trunk like storage unit that is made out of wood, glass or stone. The time capsule contains a woven or embroidered baptized blanket with name and date of birth on it or a towel, a crucifix or cross, a baptism rosary, bible or the holy book, which were all used in actual baptism. To make it more personal, photographs and pictures taken of the ceremony and person baptized and place in silver or carved wooden picture frame.


After this there is another important baptism gift that acts as a lifelong motivator. It is to turn an ordinary hard cover journal by simply upholstering front and back hard cover with patterned cloth and present it to the family, the priest, Holy father, friend, well wisher, relatives and fellow church members to fill in inspirational and holy message until all the pages are filled out. This will certainly become his or her most treasured gift.


Finally presenting something biblical like the solid silver Noah’s Ark, personalized stone tablets of Ten Commandments, paintings or art work of scenes of bible, Last Supper, Mary and Jesus on mount or scene of the holy family holds a great deal of religious sentiment. Especially for infants and children baptism silver medal or a sacramental chain bracelet make an ideal baptism gift.

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