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Birdbaths and Bird Feeders
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Birdbaths are one of those items that will enhance any yard. They are statuary that are designed to hold water in them so that bird can come in frolic in them in the long hot summer months.


They come in many different shapes and sized and are made of many different materials. Which birdbath you would choose is dependent on what its application is. There are many that are made out of cement and those are far more permanent structures.  They are usually heavy having flat surfaces. If you live in a hurricane area and think you would need to move your birdbath, it would not be advisable to buy a heavy cement item.


Other birdbaths come in in lighter resin materials. These items look like stone and are very durable. The resin makes them strong and more able to sustain weather but they are light and are able to be moved more readily in the event of high winds or relocation.


One tip with resin birdbaths is to bury the base of them. This will allow them to be more stable for your feathered guests. This also helps anchor them on the unlevel ground too to make sure the weight of the statue is balanced.


There are also many birdbaths that are plastic. These are usually very low cost and are not very durable. Plastic baking in the sun tends to become brittle. Often these items have very short lives, leak and over all are a waste of money


Birdbaths come in the forms of people. Saint Francis birdbaths are very common and they come in many sizes. Some are 4 ft tall and there are also small ones with small water features. They often show animals around St. Francis so these real live birds brings great beauty to a yard and a St. Francis birdbath is a great idea for a prayer garden.


When owning a birdbath it is important that you care for it. This is after all standing water if left for long periods of time. Often they will grow algae and maybe even mosquito larvae.  One way to reduce this problem is to use chemicals to treat the water in the birdbath. That is not advisable because often this can harm the birds that you are trying to help. Some drink the water and others slash around in it. So chemicals really don’t help if you really intend for birds to use the water.


One common way to clean the birdbath is to drain it frequently, defined as ever two days. Should algae start to grow its advisable to take a brush and scrub the slime out of the birdbath. If you have a cement version it’s a good idea to use a wire brush. But if you have a resin or plastic model a softer brush type would be advisable. The best way to avoid this or the mosquito problem is to make sure you change the water and do not allow for leaves and debris to accumulate in the basin.  Regardless of the work,  a birdbath will add much to any backyard.

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