Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Bravery and Courage of My Friends

This is a little off topic for my regular blog posts for sure. But I do think it's a story of Faith and courage. Two of my friends from RCIA found out that their son had a birth defect and had no brain and would not survive but a short time after his birth. They were encouraged to abort and both of my friends said they will allow Gods will to be done. They found this out one week before Christmas and with a deep faith in God and his will have carried the baby to full term. The miracle of it is this one little baby has opened up the discussion on abortion and the life that grows. My friends have spoken to the doctors and have explained why not to abort not just to play the percentages and take the easy way out. Conversation and education is one of the best weapons in the war on abortion.

I just received an email with the funeral arrangements for this child. His parents loved him enough to allow him to pass with dignity and not at the end of a vacuum hose or forceps. They have loved him enough not take the easy way out. If only all people put their children first in this way. If only people realized that terminating a pregnancy it terminating a life.

They are two of the most incredible people I've ever met as are the Godparents of this special little boy. If you happen across this post please keep this incredible family in your prayers, if I may ask for them The family has asked that if anyone wants to do anything in memory the family has asked for donations to be made to Birthright or to the St. Vincent DePaul Society. But most of all I hope you will remember to add this very special family and situation to your prayers tonight.




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