Saturday, April 12, 2008

Inspirational Home Décor

They say your house says a lot about you. For Christians, much of the décor of their home may reflect their beliefs. As you look around your friends homes you can get a feel for were their religious belief fits in their life.

As an Italian American, growing up in North Jersey it was not uncommon to go to a friend's house and find holy water fonts on the wall for you to bless yourself when you walked in. Many of my friends had religious statues of the Blessed Mother or the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a full statue of the Immaculate Heart
of Mary in the living room. Others had a patron saint statue in their kitchen window. And in bedroom they had small statues or knickknack that had a religious theme. I remember my one friend, also Italian, when you walked in they had a like-sized statue of Jesus in their entry foyer.

Often in these homes, you would see each room having a crucifix over the door. One of the nicest religious home décor items is a St. Benedicts crucifix. There are so many symbolic items in this one style of crucifix and it is long believe that having one of these over your doorway does help keep the evil on the outside.

Other religious and inspirational décor items can also be things such as wall hangings that have scriptural verses on the. The 'As for Me and My House' verse (Joshua 24:15) is one of the most popular verses that people use for home décor items. It is often put on wall plaques, coffee mugs and even blankets and throws.

One idea to help with your prayer life is to set up a room or a part of a room of you home as a prayer corner. In this you can have your Bible displayed. Other items may include statuary of the Blessed Mother, the Saints or Jesus to help focus you. The proper setting helps with a good prayer life.

Another type of Inspirational Home décor is Inspirational garden decor. Drive down any street you may see angels guarding over homes and front flower beds. You may see St. Francis with the animals and meek surrounding him or sometimes for garden statuary you will see the Blessed Mother. These statues can make inspirational gardens in your yard to give you an area to be reflective or prayerful in peace. There are also inspirational benches that have scriptural verses on them setting mood or tone for your prayer garden.

Bird baths and wind chimes are other items that one may have to decorate their home with religious items. Things like a St. Francis Birdbaths is are way to bring nature into your backyard again creating a peaceful


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