Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Pope and Obama

I can't help but draw a contrast in something. There is two men speaking about Hope. What's odd is that the one with the solid hope only highlights how empty the Hope argument is in the other.

Let me just put this out of the way. I'm pro-life and the for sanctity of life. I do not understand any Catholic who votes for a democratic candidate in the modern error. I'm not too happy with McCain either but at least he understands some fundamental life issues likes it wrong to stab a new born baby in the back of the head with a fork and then suck its brains out until it skull collapses. You may have heard of this procedure before its called partial birth abortion and it includes children who are born alive and viable. Pish posh you say, it can't be. Well it is. Look it up.

And while I'm on the abortion kick, there is another thing that bugs me with Obama. Well bugs is a mild and tame. Okay so in Illinois where Obama is from, he voted as a State Senator, any child born alive in a botch abortion was to be left to die and not administered medical attention. Its in humane. That is just disgusting and despicable. And our media covers up these facts.

Okay so what I wanted to say is this. The Pope wrote a great encyclical on Hope and how there is hope in Christ. And then we have Obama, where our hope is to be in Obama and in the federal government. Its wildly amazing the differences.

Additionally Obama says he's a Christian however, he feels bitterness is why people move to God. I personally don't think that bitter people move to God. But the religious in the world see the hope, but not Obama's brand of hope. I know I look for what God tries to tell me in this world but I think God is hitting us over the head with a Pope who brings hope to our country and a candidate that speaks of empty hope.

I think we should all examine the words of the Pope and any that are leaning toward Obama should take the extra time contrast the two men. "And then figure out which brand of hope you prescribe to. One rooted in Jesus or one Rooted in Obama. One says God Bless America. One sits in the pew of a church that says God Damn America. Its a pretty stark contrast.


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