Wednesday, June 25, 2008

St. Joseph In a Depressed Home Market

If I'm sitting wondering how to sell my house, you may have thought to try everything from open houses to dropping the price. But did you know the St. Joseph statues has a long tradition of helping home owners sell homes.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Religious Jewelry show faith

There are many categories and uses for Jewelry. One of the most prolific is the use of Jewelry for Religious nature. There are many different types of religious jewelry. Most often when you think of Religious jewelry you might think of a cross or crucifix pendant. Most Christians wear their crosses to show they are a Christian and to remind them of their faith. Catholic often have them Blessed and wear their blessed crosses.

Other types of religious Jewelry are rosary bracelets. This is a more recent invention. Rosary Bracelets span all type price ranges and usually are one decade of the rosary linked together to form a bracelet. What would be considered the center of the rosary usually dangles like a charm. The bracelets can be made from glass or semi precious medal beads and may use base metal, which is lower cost or the more expensive sterling or gold metals for the links the cross or the center.

Patron Saint Medals is another form of religious jewelry that people often ware. They wear this small medallions on their necks generally. The saint the person chooses to wear may have some significance to the person's life. Patron Saint Jewelry often is a reminder to the person wearing. Patron Saint Medals are often called sacramental. Base Metal pendants make great gifts for church groups. For example church groups often give St. Cecilia Medals, where she is the patron saint of musicians.

Lapel pins are another form of Religious Jewelry. Often Holy Spirit Jewelry can be a lapel pin. There are many symbols that you may see worn on a lapel. Also a Monstrance pin is a great gift for staff and church members in groups like RCIA sponsors, Catechism teacher.

Rings are often worn as reminders to the cross. There are rings designed as cross but one of the most popular religious rings is a claddagh ring. It is an Irish wedding and depicts a heart and a cross. Also the religious wear rings or are given rings at their ordinations. Even the Pope has a ring, as many already know.


The Cross is an Outward Symbol

When you see a cross you automatically think of Christ based religions. But, where did the use of the cross come from as a symbol of Christianity. In the 3rd century, was banded by one church father because of the crosses roots to paganism as with many of the early church rituals that were blended from paganism to draw the pagans to the church in early church history. The First depiction of the corpus, or body of Christ in the Vatican was as late as the 5th century.

The original cross was also set to represent a tau, which is the letter T. Some theorize that the use of the T started with the Druids who had a God named Tau, They often used two trees to form a cross for crucifixion purposes . It is also believed that St. Phillip was crucified on a tau cross in Phrygia. He was crucified on the pagan holiday which was later associated with St. Phillip. This cross is thought to predate the Roman Cross and maybe even the basis for it.

Because of translations though time, the crucifixion of Jesus has long been discussed from the earliest days of the church. The actually way Jesus was crucified is at the pinnacle of the argument. History tells us that Romans who were notorious for crucifying people actually used a stake. They did evolve to a Tau Cross and then evolved again to the Roman Cross. The scholars that argue it was a single pole and not a cross site the Bible itself as one of the proof sources that It was a pole and not a cross. There are references in Act (5:30) where it is said they hung Jesus on a tree. And in 1 Peter there is reference as well to Jesus hanging on a tree. But many scholars cannot find the use of the cross prior to Constantine, who notoriously melded the pagan traditions with Christianity when he declared that the Roman Empire was Christian. In the present time the scholars are now coming to the conclusion that the cross was born out of art making a better more palatable story as to what happened to Jesus during the crucifixion. The use of a stake was for more gruesome.