Friday, September 5, 2008

The Soul Longs for God

When you look at the first chapter of the Unites States Catechism for adults, you see that it starts where the quest for the human spirit starts, the longing meaning and for a higher Being, for Christians that's God and Jesus.

What are the questions that people often ask themselves about their. There is a human desire to life the most full life but only in God do we find full truth and happiness. As we were all created in God's image, this gives us mind to search for God. Searching to educate yourself in your faith is often called a journey, but a journey toward what. Ultimately it is a journey that leads to knowing God the father. It's a journey to know God though his Son, Jesus Christ and though the power of the Holy Spirit.

There are basic questions all humans ask. They are logically who am I?, Why am I here? What are my Goals? Why is it hard to Love? Why is there sickness, death and evil? In that vein what is suffering? Why is there evil, death and sickness? And mostly what happens after we die. These questions ultimately move a person to looking for the divine. These questions move each person towards the conclusion of God's existence.

The quest for education and reading the United States Catechism helps foster that search for God. It becomes and invitation to join in the journey. It is a journey within the church and journey to becoming part of the Body of Christ. In doing this you become a member of the living community of believers that implement their beliefs to make lives better and to honor the dignity of human life. Living that belief states with the quest to understand God and how he exists in our life

Undeniably there is a universal desire for God according to the CCC (27)., "the desire for God is written in the human heart because man is created by God and For God.

Because God put a mark on every human heart there is a hunger and longing for God. According to St. Augustine, on of the doctors of the church, "Our heart is restless until it rests in You." The You of course refers to God.

According to the Catechism there are three ways that God can make himself known to us, Creation, Revelation, the human person themselves. The most essential of the paths is Revelation.