Friday, October 24, 2008

Hurricane helps foster Faith


Well I am finally caught up from our problems from Hurricane Ike. As many of you know The Hurricane hit the Houston area on 9/13 causing vast damage thoughout the Houston Metro area. What was interesting is that as I talked to many of you, most did not realize how hard we were hit and how bad it was down here.

Because of how independent and understanding of the concept of helping your neighbor, the national media quickly lost interest in us. We took care of our own. We looked after our own and that makes for a very boring story I guess.

As the hurricane came and went, it left behind a 70 ft Oak on the roof of my home. As I surveyed the damage to my home that morning, I felt truly privileged because I could actually see the hand of God reaching out to protect us. This very small oak caught the might one leaving in inches from smashing fully into my house which would for sure crushed the upper level and possibly fell to the bottom floor where me and my four dogs were riding out the storm. But this experience wasn't the only reminder I had of God's presence in my life and how truly blessed I am.

The Monday before the storm hit, someone randomly said you do have a generator right? Well infact I did not have one but my first thought was if someone asked me that question, God was trying to tell me something and if I didn't need one I wouldn't find one. I've learned that God speaks to us every day we just have to learn to listen. Or at times accept his answer. So I got on Google looked around for what a generator should cost so I knew what I was looking for and had an expectation. So off to Home Depot I went.

When I got there, I was nicely told they didn't have any because they all had all been shipped to Louisiana. From behind the registered this little kid pokes a head out and says someone had just returned one 10 minutes prior to me getting there and to go speak to customer service. So I get to the customer service desk and there was the generator, but as the clerk explained it was already sold but she was just waiting for the lady to come and pay for it. So we stood there chatting a bit and after about 20 minutes the clerk called to the front desk only to find the woman had left to ask her husband. Now remember how I was saying that I had an idea in my head of what I was suppose to pay for this generator. This one was $400 more than what I thought. But as I stood there I really felt lead to the spot where I was. It was a real God moment because I had to be in the exact time and place to get this unit. So I took it home.

As it turned out this generator was big enough to power 2 hours for the 2 weeks we were without power. It helped with a nebulizer for my neighbors asthmatic son, to refrigerate formula for a baby. And a fan, TV and fridge for my other neighbors across the street. And once the lights came one for me. My parents were still struggling also with their generator so mine moved to help them as well.

What else was amazing was all the people that say as I do, we have been blessed. This hurricane bought out the best in people, the best in our neighbors. When Congressman Culberson was on the radio saying the first responders had no food and water. Restaurant and citizens chipped in to get them hot meals. All over the city the goodness of people was a shining example to what the hand of God can do when we listen to him and act as he would want.