Friday, October 16, 2009

The advent wreath has really evolved in this modern day. It went from a circle of evergreen to now some are made of pewter, resin and even sometimes silver or brass. Through it all the symbol of forever, and endless circle is still present in the modern advent wreath.

Additionally there are now sometimes as many as five candles mounted on the advent wreath. But as we start in darkness as each week progresses and we get closer to the birth of Christ the number of candles lit become more making it brighter and bringing us out of our darkness, making this one of symbolic seasons of the liturgical year.

For a homemade advent wreath the advent candles were wired in to the wreath so the can be lit nightly as part of the advent ceremony. In addition to making our path brighter the light from the candles are representative of Christ who is of course the light of the world. The origins of the advent wreath was a wheel of light that was in the pagan tradition and would help light the ultra long winter nights.

There are 3 different candle colors, pink, purple or white. The basic premise is there is purple for penance, the pink for the joy and white which is the Christ candle.
The first week, Purple, is about the Old Testament and its prophets, calling to mind that Isaiah foretold the coming of Christ.

The second week is also purple and is often called the Bethlehem candle and is about love and penance. The third candle is transitional and joyful and Pink and we start to look forward. And, the fourth candle is again purple but represents peace.

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