Friday, November 6, 2009

The Jesse Tree and Advent

The Jesse Tree Ornaments, in addition to the advent wreath, is one of the long lasting symbols of Advent. Named for Joseph's father Jesse, the Jesse Tree is often considered Jesus' Family tree. It also predates a Christmas tree and at times is often confused with it.

Purpose of a Jesse Tree Ornaments is to place them on a bare tree that are consistent with the stories of the old testament that tell of Jesus coming. There is one bible story assigned for each day of advent recalling an event. Families often use the Jesse tree to help their children learn salvation history.

Other than ornaments, the Jesse Tree Advent wreath is used in more modern time. It is a compact version of the tree that used to be used. Around the advent wreath's base is a representation of each of these old testament bible events.

Other applications on the Jesse Tree is for families to make ornaments consistent with the bible stories.

Here is a list of what should be remembered on the Jesse Tree or its Advent wreath counterpart.

· December 1st Jesse

· December 2nd Creation

· December 3rd The sins of Adam and Eve

· December 4th Noah and his Ark

· December 5th Abraham

· December 6th Sarah

· December 7th Isaac

· December 8th Jacob

· December 9th Joseph

· December 10th Moses

· December 11th Rehab

· December 12th Ruth

· December 13th Samuel and David

· December 14th David

· December 15th Prophets

· December 16th Jonah

· December 17th Elijah

· December 18th Esther

· December 19th Solomon

· December 20th Samuel

· December 21st John the Baptist

· December 22nd Mary

· December 23rd Joseph

· December 24th Mary

· December 25th Jesus

· December 26th The Holy Family

· December 27th Journey to Egypt



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