Monday, December 21, 2009

Church Nativity Sets Help Remind Us of His Birth

St. Francis of Assisi introduced us to a wonderful depiction of the birth of Jesus in 1223 A.D. He had the baby Jesus in a manger inside a cave, along with Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angels, animals and the three wise men bearing gifts. This has become the traditional nativity scene as we know it. Many of the modern-day church nativity sets are recreated much in the way St. Francis did so many years ago.

A church nativity set can be depicted in various ways. There is, of course, the live scene, complete with real people and animals, the colorful murals adorning walls, or beautifully crafted stained glass allowing the changing light to tell the story. There are small nativity scenes intended to be played with by children, and some that are passed on from generation to generation becoming family heirlooms.

Church nativity sets are usually displayed in front of the church so all that pass by can be reminded of Christ’s birth. Although the scene is the same no matter where you go, there are vast differences in the materials they are made of. They can be made of white resin, resembling marble, painted poly resin, LED lighted sets or a more contemporary style with the nativity figures appearing as though they were growing out of live wood.

Many sets have figures that are sold separately. This can come in handy in the event that a piece may be dropped or broken when setting up and taking down for the season.


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