Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Communion Dresses Represent

First communion dresses for girls are a wonderful way to celebrate the importance of this very special time in the life of a Catholic. This very holy occasion is when the person first receives the Sacrament of the Eucharist, the bread and the wine that represent the body and the blood of Jesus Christ. Often times it is celebrated by inviting extended family to share in the occasion, often celebrated with a large feast and even small gifts.

First communion dresses come in many different styles. Sometimes a veil and gloves are also worn. Most of the dresses are white, symbolizing purity. It is said the veil is worn to represent Jesus' robes worn at the last supper and the veil is likened to the tablecloth. These beautiful dresses can be made of any number of materials, including fine silk and satin. They can be adorned with ribbons and tulle, or heavily embellished with pearls and even crystal beads. The dresses can be found in department stores, or online.

Many first communion dresses have become treasured family heirlooms. Handed down through the generations, along with the pictures and stories of each of the girls who have worn the dress before them. This is such a special day for the child as they have prepared themselves by giving their first confession and have spent many hours studying for their first communion.


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