Friday, November 6, 2009

The Jesse Tree and Advent

The Jesse Tree Ornaments, in addition to the advent wreath, is one of the long lasting symbols of Advent. Named for Joseph's father Jesse, the Jesse Tree is often considered Jesus' Family tree. It also predates a Christmas tree and at times is often confused with it.

Purpose of a Jesse Tree Ornaments is to place them on a bare tree that are consistent with the stories of the old testament that tell of Jesus coming. There is one bible story assigned for each day of advent recalling an event. Families often use the Jesse tree to help their children learn salvation history.

Other than ornaments, the Jesse Tree Advent wreath is used in more modern time. It is a compact version of the tree that used to be used. Around the advent wreath's base is a representation of each of these old testament bible events.

Other applications on the Jesse Tree is for families to make ornaments consistent with the bible stories.

Here is a list of what should be remembered on the Jesse Tree or its Advent wreath counterpart.

· December 1st Jesse

· December 2nd Creation

· December 3rd The sins of Adam and Eve

· December 4th Noah and his Ark

· December 5th Abraham

· December 6th Sarah

· December 7th Isaac

· December 8th Jacob

· December 9th Joseph

· December 10th Moses

· December 11th Rehab

· December 12th Ruth

· December 13th Samuel and David

· December 14th David

· December 15th Prophets

· December 16th Jonah

· December 17th Elijah

· December 18th Esther

· December 19th Solomon

· December 20th Samuel

· December 21st John the Baptist

· December 22nd Mary

· December 23rd Joseph

· December 24th Mary

· December 25th Jesus

· December 26th The Holy Family

· December 27th Journey to Egypt


LED Advent Candles Give Modern Spin To Antient Custom

LED Advent Candles may sound odd. After all the season of Advent is one of tradition and custom, while LED Candle technology is still in its infancy. So when you blend the old with the new, the LED Advent Candle makes perfect sense as way to enhance advent wreath safety.

The LED Advent candle makes a perfect replacement advent candle. Advent is often a season where family, many of which have small children gather around the advent wreath to hear old testament stories about the coming of Jesus, the prophecy of the Messiah. They gather each day to light the candle for each week of advent that has past. Each candle marks the weeks until Christmas day when Jesus was born.

The beauty of an LED candle is its ability to mimic a real candle. The light are often run by a small computer that sequentially flickers the candle to give it a real appearance. These type candles have grown in popularity for home decor items as well because of how real the appearance of their flame is, giving rooms immediate ambiance

The benefit of safety makes the LED Advent candle something all families with small children need. They are reusable, which saves money on other replacement advent candles and the added safety you get from them cannot have a dollar amount placed on them. The past hesitancy of using an electric candle is addressed by the use of this great solution.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Advent Wreath And Calendars Have Deep German Roots

The advent wreath has an almost mysterious background because its origins cannot be pinpointed. In almost all accounts Germany seems to have played a large part in its genesis. It would seem no matter how unusual this seems German seems to be the first countries to formalize the use of that advent wreath.

Maybe more than the advent wreath, the advent calendar is even more associated with Germany. The premise of an advent calendar is that each day the child will open a door or a slot and reveal candy or a Bible story. This is often the first gift the child will receive. It was an inventive way to count down to Christmas as well as review the Old Testament. Advent will always start as the first Sunday after November 26th and this practice was also attributed to the Germans.

Some parents hang the Advent Calendar in the child room to help counter the commercialism of Christmas. Some advent rituals are done during dinner time like the lighting of the Advent wreath. And some are done at bedtime like the opening of the Advent calendar.

Looking at all of Germany and Advent, historically they not only invented the advent calendar but they made the best in the world. From the 1850s forward, they were well known for them. Nazi Germany, although early on used the advent calendar and even distributed it in the newspaper, did outlaw them causing them to die out and not reemerge until recently in their more commercial form.

Despite governmental restrictions, the advent wreath and the advent calendar will always be deeply rooted in Germany.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Advent Paves way to Christmas

Christmas is one of the the season of the the church that outshines all other shines the other seasons with its opulence and majesty. Gaining also with its materialism in the secular world it is hard to not lose site of its ultimate meaning. Enter Advent, the season the church sets aside to help prepare the way for Christ as well as not lose sight of him.

The earliest Advent celebrations can be linked to the the early church right after the 4th century. Advent was not designed originally to combat 20th century secularism and materialism. It was started to help prepare a way for Christ. Advent means 'coming' and is perfect because Christ is coming. It also is now the start of the Catholic Churchs calendar year which makes it perfected because it starts the upcoming year.

This also can be a period of self examination and penance and it has become one of the times of the year that forgiveness is front and center. Similar to what you would do when a house guest is coming, cleaning out the bad and preparing for them, this period functions the same way.

There is also the aide of the Advent wreath that symbolically reminds us of God's Endless Mercy as well as the light, reminding us of Christ's light. Through the centuries, people have decorated their advent wreath with ivy, that adds a reminder for our human spirit; cedar is sometimes used as the branches that make the wreath to remind us of our eternal life. and Holly, a common theme in a modern day advent wreath is there to remind us of the crown of thorns and what Christ would ultimately suffer for us. Bay is also used to remind us of Christ's triumph over sin.

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