Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The History of Christmas Ornaments

Since the introduction of the Christmas tree into homes, the history of Christmas ornaments have been ever changing. Trees were once decorated with whatever the homeowner had on hand. They would use anything from nuts and berries to popcorn pieces strung together. Over the years baked goods were cut into various shapes and sizes and hung on the tree.

The history of Christmas ornaments took a drastic turn in the mid 1800’s as Germany’s glass blowing tradition became widely known. These beautiful glass ornaments were shaped into stars, hearts, bells. As the ornaments became more popular, more shapes were eventually added. By the mid 1880’s, the popularity of these glass ornaments had spread and they were being exported the world over.

Another major change in the history of Christmas ornaments was with the Victorian era. The people of Great Britain, as well as the Americans were inspired to put Christmas trees in their homes after a popular magazine published a picture of Queen Victoria and her family with a beautifully decorated tree. This brought about a change in decorating ideas and trees were now being adorned with pictures of flowers and angels as well as pressed tin. It was during this era that the Germans also introduced tinsel, which was also called angels hair.

As time passed, the U.S. began dominating the mass production of Christmas ornaments. You can find ornaments from many countries around the globe, and the styles are only limited by ones imagination.

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