Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Garden statues add beauty to your yard

Many people use garden statues to beautify their yards. Driving through a neighborhood you may see garden gnomes or large statues. Many of these statues are copies of original works of things like Winged Victory or Venus de Milo or works by Michelangelo, Donatello, Auguste Rodin, and Canova.

Often Religious garden statues, although primarily Catholic, are seen through yards and prayer gardens. Depending on the homeowners background you may also see a Budda or A Hindu prayer garden as well. Some times homeowners also stick these statues in bushes or flowerbed and some are not always human. Sometimes you will see small animals throughout a property. All of this helps the homeowner beautify his yard as well as have an outward expression of who he is or his faith.

Garden statues for some are a hobby. For others, they are an outward expression and for some they are used to beautify and complement their landscaping of their home or office. These works of art, made of resin, marble, stone and even cement add character to where ever they are placed.

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